Scanning Software For Mac : Top 8 Picks [Free & Paid Both]

While writing on papers is a great choice for including some vintage aesthetic on your Instagram profile or your journal, it may not always be the most efficient way to carry out many administrative or essential processes.

Because of the technological revolution in the last two decades, many clients and offices prefer to receive a digitized copy of all the required documents. That is why scanners and scanning software have become so important for businesses of all sizes!

So today we focus on the Apple lovers and bring them eight popular choices which can be the perfect scanning software for Mac you have been looking for!

Top 8 Mac Scanning Software Free and Premium in 2021

1. VueScan


VueScan has been one of the pioneers who made scanning more accessible to common people. Hamrick Software released it in 1998 to work with flatbed and film scanners. It garnered a pretty big user-base of over 600,000 people around the world.

With time, VueScan has become even better equipped for frequent use. Its latest version can work with the latest macOS release called Big Sur.

You can use it to scan documents, photos, slides and films to PDF. It can do optical character recognition, automatic color detection and automatic document deskewing too.

In fact, to enhance its compatibility, its developers have reverse engineered more than 6500 older scanners to include built-in drivers within the software. As a result, there is a high chance you never have to change scanners to start using VueScan.

2. ExactScan


ExactScan is one of the many software systems developed by ExactCode – a company dedicated to making paperless office products.

This particular software is meant to be the one-stop solution for scanning, filing, sorting, archiving and finding your documents. As a result, you can save a lot of time and money at the workplace! Instead of relying on paper, you can complete the whole process digitally by sending the correct scanned file to clients.

It is very compatible with most scanners because of the 500 built-in scanner drivers. You will be able to work with devices from popular brands including Canon, HP, Panasonic, Kodak, Fujitsu and Xerox.

ExactScan is able to automatically scan PDF or other file formats, create the documents or define personal profiles. You can also use it to make the background colors more smooth and thus reduce the overall file size. Additionally, it can bring the foreground image into focus.

3. Twain Sane

 Twain Sane

SANE is an acronym for Scanner Access Now Easy. Using its backend libraries, the TWAIN data-source of this software acquires images for scanning. That is why its name has been chosen to be Twain Sane. Because of those SANE libraries, it can access an extensive line of scanners with USB or SCSI connections.

Even though all of these might fly over your head because of its technical jargon, the user interface of Twain Sane is very easy to understand. Installing it also doesn’t take much effort and you can continue using it without counting any expense. This free software can work with other popular applications like Microsoft Word, OmniPage Graphic Converter and Image Capture.

4. PDF Scanner

PDF Scanner

Although the name sounds quite uninspiring, PDF Scanner is here to do exactly what you need – scanning the documents fast through a simple interface. It removes the challenges of complex operation or installation methods while amping up the speed.

Along with scanning, you can also use it to deskew, crop or do optical character recognition (OCR) with just a click! In the case of monochrome scans, you can opt for super high compression where every page can be only 50kb in size, even with the OCR text.

If you are not happy with the default folder actions or OCR workflows, you can create customized ones using the Automator action. The OCR supports a total of 11 languages including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Norwegian. To run it, your macOS needs to be between El Capitan and Big Sur.

5. SilverFast


SilverFast is another free scanning software for Mac that you can use to get scanned copies of documents that are free of any unintelligible words or blurry segments. You can rely on it to produce clear copies that are easy to read.

Even though the brand SilverFast itself has a scanner, its software can work with devices of other brands. In fact, it is compatible with about 340 scanner models as of now.

Besides, you can use it to ensure color management, color profiles of every scanner, negative profiles, removing dust or scratch, automatic or manual optimization and integrated auto IT8 calibration.

6. PDF Studio

PDF Studio

Unlike most other software on this list, PDF Studio is not only about scanning your documents. It can let you do a lot more like editing them and creating new ones! PDF Studio is often considered by its users as a reliable alternative to the globally popular Adobe Acrobat software.

Although PDF Studio does not come for free, it does offer affordable plans to choose from. There are two simple packages named Simple and PRO.

The latter allows exclusive features like interactive form field designer, digital signatures, OCR, redaction, comparing PDFs, advanced imposition tools and conversion to HTML or SVG file formats. Both of them allow using two computers per user license and offer a free trial.

7. Doc Scanner

Doc Scanner

Doc Scanner was developed by Zoho to digitize the important documents which you may need to send through emails frequently. That is why this free software scans the files on your Mac – be it text or images!

Additionally, you can also edit, translate and share the PDF documents directly through messaging apps or email. In the case of translation, it is capable of translating the scanned document to a total of 17 languages including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and more.

It has features to take e-signs, extract text from the scanned file or create new workflows to suit your specific requirements. For the digital signature, you or the client can add the respective initials, full name, email address and date to the scanned copy.

8. PDFpen


PDFpen is a paid scanning software for Mac that enables you to edit PDF files and add signatures, text or images to them. Along with scanning the documents with OCR, it also proofreads their text as accurately as possible. You can also export the PDF to Microsoft Word and edit the new .docx file if necessary.

For the signatures, you can either scan them into the PDF or scribble them through your mouse or trackpad. You don’t have to stress about losing the scanned documents since they can be sent to the cloud. It can be stored on iCloud or Dropbox and then be edited further on your iPad or iPhone!

Final Word

There are plenty of choices to find a suitable scanning software for Mac according to your requirements and budget. Of course, compared to the free options, the paid ones offer more efficiency, flexibility and accessibility. So you can try out their free trials to see if they are worth what they charge.

Regardless, you can scan your documents with these software at any time and add all the necessary modifications or information before sending them to the respected recipient.

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