CleanMyMac Vs MacKeeper

CleanMyMac Vs MacKeeper : Know The Actual Deference Now!

Keeping your computer up to the mark at all times is pretty exhausting. Along with the regular updates, you also need to keep an eye on the amount of space available on your device.

To do all these maintenance jobs, there are system optimization tools available online. Two of the most well-known ones for MacBooks are CleanMyMac and MacKeeper.

Since they have similarities in cleaning unnecessary files and other features, here we will compare CleanMyMac vs MacKeeper to see which one is the most viable option for the long run.

What Is CleanMyMac?

Although the title of CleanMyMac suggests that it only cleans up your Mac Display, in reality, it does quite more than that! It was designed and developed by MacPaw as the single tool you would need to optimize your MacBook. However, the primary purpose of this tool is to clear up loads of memory held up so far by junk.

It was first introduced to the world in 2008 as the first-ever product made by MacPaw. Since then, it has been going through several iterations and the last one has been named as CleanMyMac X. This version comes prepared to work with the latest major macOS released in 2020 called Big Sur.

Advantages Of CleanMyMac

Personalized Cleanup With Huge Disk Space

Living up to its name, CleanMyMac does clean your computer as efficiently as possible. It sorts the unnecessary files and useless app caches and then asks you if you would like to get rid of them.

If there is any application on your Mac which you cannot uninstall or cannot remove its leftovers, CleanMyMac will do that for you. Other such data includes the chats from messenger apps, the local copy of email attachments and unused DMGs.

CleanMyMac removes all of these files and then divides them into four categories. You can either remove them immediately, remove them securely, move them to trash, or move them to a folder. As a result, you can get a lot of space cleared out from your computer memory conveniently with personalized cleanup!

Free Trial Available

Although CleanMyMac is mainly a paid application, you can try it for a limited time if you are not sure of its benefits. You can download it anytime and try out its trial mode before paying any amount. While this version comes with several limitations, it can run unlimited scans and remove up to 500M of junk data.

You might also see the starting speed become twice as fast as it used to be. Additionally, you can scan for malware items, remove several privacy items once, remove several optimization items twice, uninstall an application, update two applications and more with the free trial within 30 days.

24/7 Technical And Sales Support

You can take advantage of their support team any time of the day to solve any issue you might be having with CleanMyMac. This team has members who are trained in both sales and technical fronts. So you can know more about the product before investing in it or learn to solve an ongoing technical problem.

Secure Payment Encryption

Along with all the unnecessary files, you can also remove some of your biggest worries by using CleanMyMac. It can encrypt the sensitive data during online payments and then store them safely until you need them. As a result, you can be more sure of your online transaction security with this tool on your device.

Disadvantages Of CleanMyMac

No Protection Against Theft

A major shortfall of the CleanMyMac tool is its inability to protect your device against theft. If it is stolen by someone or if you lose it somewhere, this software will not be able to help. As a result, the valuable data preserved on your MacBook can be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

No Way To Block Ads

Even though CleanMyMac comes through with all of its promises related to cleaning and optimization, it may not build a safety wall around you for online advertisements. So if you have been annoyed with the ads popping up frequently, this tool may not be an effective solution for that.

What Is MacKeeper?

MacKeeper was launched more than a decade ago by ZeoBIT of Kyiv, Ukraine. They developed this utility software to be the perfect caretaker of your precious MacBook. After spending over ten years in the market and then being acquired by Clario in 2019, now it has a global team of over 800 members.

Because of such an international presence, it is available in 18 languages so that more people can access and use the tool comfortably in their mother tongue. The four main objectives this software focuses on primarily are cleaning, privacy, security and performance of your MacBook.

Advantages Of MacKeeper

Private VPN Connection

A common issue with online privacy is that cybercriminals or their bots can hack their way into your sensitive information easily with a WiFi connection. However, having a virtual private network or VPN on your computer can put up an impenetrable shield against that intrusion.

MacKeeper can equip your MacBook with a private VPN connection. Using this, you can establish a direct connection online with websites without leaving any trace behind. Since any bot cannot track it this way, all of the data you shared online remains secure.

Along with protecting your vulnerable data, this feature also prevents the need to invest in a separate VPN service which you have to use to access blocked sites anyway. Understandably, this feature only comes in the paid version.

Auto Backup Service

There is a backup software included in the MacKeeper package which protects all of your files from getting vanished forever. This software copies all the files from different sources to a secure place like an external HDD, FTP server or USB flash drive on your MacBook.

Ad Blocking Extension

By investing in MacKeeper, you don’t have to deal with the annoying advertisements online. It comes with an ad-blocking extension called StopAd which works on both Safari and Chrome. By turning it on, you will be able to bid adieu to all the ads you have been dealing with on different websites at once.

Remote Mac Tracking

MacKeeper can keep an eye on your laptop even when it is in another area or another person’s hand far away through its remote tracking mechanism. With this feature, it can protect your MacBook from theft and loss. It is one of the major reasons why people prefer MacKeeper over other similar tools.

Disadvantages of MacKeeper

Scans Are Slow

Even though MacKeeper helps you out by removing all the unnecessary items and doing much more than that, it unfortunately runs the scans a little slower than others. In this fast world, we all need to get through with our daily tasks as soon as possible. So the slow scans of this tool may be a hindrance to your productivity.

Expensive Monthly Subscription

Another drawback of the MacKeeper subscription is its monthly plans. Instead of paying an amount for the whole year, you will need to make the payments every month. In the end, the total amount per year becomes a little too much for many. As a result, it may not be a viable choice for the people on a tight budget.

Comparing MacKeeper Vs CleanMyMac


MacKeeper and CleanMyMac both are primarily meant to keep your MacBook clean of all the junk files. So they do cross the path in some common areas like cleanup of the system, browsers, cache, trash and language.

Additionally, CleanMyMac takes care of local copies of email attachments and keeps an eye on the unnecessary large files of the Downloads folder. Besides, in certain cases like the login information, it shows the launch agents individually instead of putting it all together like MacKeeper.


Malware Removal

You can run malware scans on your MacBook with either CleanMyMac or MacKeeper since both of them offer this feature. However, the latter seems to be slightly more efficient in this regard.

It was able to identify about 85.9% of all malware samples in an experiment conducted by AV-Test in June 2017.

CleanMyMac does not show any record like this and thus we cannot be sure of its effectiveness in malware removal. But you can consider both of them as a last resort if the default antivirus software is not available on your MacBook.

○VPN Connection

VPN services provide us with the security of having a private network and the comfort of knowing how our browsed websites cannot be traced back to us. Out of the two tools we are discussing here, only MacKeeper offers this feature which keeps it a step ahead of CleanMyMac.

○Theft Protection

MacKeeper can track the location of your laptop from anywhere. As a result, you can utilize its remote tracking feature to find out where the device currently is and save it from theft. Such protection against theft is not present in the CleanMyMac software.


In the case of reliability, CleanMyMac has the upper hand since MacKeeper struggled with its popularity during the previous ownership and the aggressive marketing. In 2014, Zeobit faced a class action lawsuit exaggerated diagnostics which included false advertisement and deceptive claims.

However, the new parent company Kromtech has supposedly abandoned those shady tactics after acquiring it in 2016 and integrated more useful features. Now MacKeeper has a global customer base of over 3 million users per month.

Although, compared to them, CleanMyMac has a cleaner slate and therefore higher reliability. With 15 million downloads, it is notarized by Apple and won the iF Design Award in 2020.


Being a tech company, the landmark operating system of Apple – macOS has been upgraded frequently since its inception. Among them, MacKeeper can work with Mavericks (OS X 10.9) or higher while CleanMyMac has different classes of compatibility. Here is a chart displaying the compatibility of its different versions.


Software Version

Compatible Systems



macOS 10.10 +



macOS 10.9-10.14



macOS 10.9-10.14


3.22 +

macOS 10.9 +

User Interface

CleanMyMac presents all the information and tools to users through a cleaner and more organized interface.

It comes with a menu service that you can access from the usual top bar on your laptop screen. There you can check the RAM, network usage, battery, CPU and other such diagnostics. Additionally, you can set the update preferences, trash limit and more from here.


For those who prefer using utility software in their mother tongue, both of these tools come in several languages. CleanMyMac supports a total of 15 languages while MacKeeper is available in 18 languages.

This adds to their global reach since those who are not proficient in English can also use them without trouble.


You can get CleanMyMac and a license for up to 5 Macs with either an annual subscription or a one-time subscription. There is also a free trial available and a moneyback guarantee for 30 days. MacKeeper on the other hand has a monthly payment scheme and has a moneyback guarantee for 14 days.

Overall, MacKeeper seems to be the more expensive option and thus the less likely choice for people on a budget. However, there are many discounts available for both the softwares.

Bottom Line – Which One is For You?

Comparing CleanMyMac vs MacKeeper in detail, it seems that CleanMyMac is a much better choice in general because of its affordability, reliability and simple user interface.

However, Mac Keeper can be a great choice for those who want a VPN connection and anti-theft features with the usual space cleanup.

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