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Best ZOWIE Mouse: Top 6 Model Reveled for 2022

Competitive gaming is at its peak at the moment. Several international esports tournaments are occurring with a hefty prize pool quite frequently. And because of how popular esports are getting nowadays, many casual players are training themselves to acquire a higher level of skill.

When it comes to making yourself skillful in an FPS game, you will need to work on your aim first. Without precise movements, it would be quite hard to land your shots on opponents. And a good mouse is required for that, which is where the offering from Zowie steps in.

The best zowie mouse will enable you to get full control over your movements. With one of them, landing headshots will be just a pretty easy task for you. Apart from that, they are ideal for MOBA and casual games as well.

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Editor's Rating


BenQ Zowie Mouse for FPS

5 out of 5

BenQ Zowie S2 Symmetrical Gaming Mouse for Esports

5 out of 5

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous Mouse

4.5 out of 5

ZOWIE EC1-B Divina Version Mouse

4 out of 5

BenQ Zowie ZA12

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 6 Best ZOWIE Mouse in 2022

Being one of the leading mouse manufacturers, Zowie from BenQ has a lot to offer to the market. However, not all of the offerings are worth the money. Some are dated and sports an outdated tracking sensor.

To make sure that you get the most out of our money, we have handpicked the ones that we believe are worth every penny. They are:

1. BenQ Zowie Mouse for FPS

The Zowie EC2 has been one of the go-to picks for most professional esports players. And after going through this zowie mouse review, you will know exactly why.

Let us get straight to the point. This one packs the well renowned 3360 optical sensor, making this the top rated zowie mouse for FPS. That sensor is tuned specifically for FPS games.

You will be able to switch between four different DPI levels. The maximum DPI that you can tune it to is 3200 DPI, and the lowest that you can set it up is 400 DPI.

Alongside that, the performance of the mice is finely tuned as well. It sports a driverless adjustable report rate. You can switch between 125, 500, and 1000 Hz. And you will not have to tinker around in the settings that much to change the rate also.

Other than that, Zowie focused on esports the most in terms of design. There are two different size options. Depending on the size of your hand, you can choose the large or the medium one.

Both of them are ideal for palm and claw grip. So, regardless of your style of holding a mouse, you will have a great gaming experience with this.

Lastly, the cable that it features is of flexible rubber. It is 6.6 feet in length, which will allow you to move the unit with full freedom.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts a highly accurate 3360 optical sensor
  • DPI is adjustable, which will offer you a broad range of flexibility
  • Comes with a rubber cable that is 6.6 feet long, offering you full freedom of movement
  • Sports a driverless report rate changing mechanism, allowing you to change it without any driver
  • Ideal for both claw and palm gripping style

2. BenQ Zowie S2 Symmetrical Gaming Mouse for Esports

Not all gamers have a large hand. Many esports players have a reasonably small-sized hand. Well, BenQ had factored that in when they were manufacturing the S2 for the market.

First of all, it comes in two different sizes. One is small, and the other one is medium. The medium one is ideal for the players that have a medium to large-sized hand. And the small one is for the ones that have a comparatively small-sized hand.

Besides the size options, it features a unique design where the fourth end is raised a bit. This design is not that common, and Zowie had implemented this in this way to make it comfortable for you to place your fourth finger on the body. Also, the concave shell that it has will make sure that you can grip it without any issues.

Other than the shell, the overall design is symmetric. That symmetric design will make it ideal for both the palm and claw grippers. Also, because of the shorter lower end, you will be able to keep your palm at rest, regardless of your gripping style.

Aside from that, the cable attachment point is raised at a lower angle, which will eliminate cable drag.

Alongside that, it packs the 3360 optical sensor that will make sure that all of your movements are tracked accordingly. And, both the DPI and the report rate is adjustable.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in small and medium-size, making it ideal for gamers with small hands
  • Cable attachment point is lowered a bit, which will eliminate the chances of wire drag
  • Features the highly accurate 3360 senor to provide precise tracking
  • Both the DPI and report rate is adjustable, allowing you to finely tune the tracking mechanism
  • The fourth end is raised to promote a comfortable grip

3. BenQ ZOWIE FK1 Ambidextrous Mouse

Another one of the models that are quite popular among FPS gamers is the FK1. Because of the amount of control that this one can offer, many refer to it as the best zowie mouse. And there are multiple factors to back that claim.

First of all, the unit focuses on gamers that have medium to large hands. That is why the available size options are medium, large, and extra-large. All of the size options are optimized for both the claw and palm gripping style, which means you will have a good grip on it no matter which gripping style you are accustomed to.

Aside from that, it packs the well-praised 3310 sensor. You can adjust this optical sensor to 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 DPI. Because of the adjustability that it offers, you will be able to set it up according to your preference to get a unique tracking experience.

Alongside the sensor that it packs, the switches that it comes boasting with is reasonably tactile. It will offer you tactile feedback with every click, which will lower the chances of you double-clicking and failing to clutch in an intense 1v3 situation.

Apart from that, Zowie has implemented an ambidextrous design that will enable you to get a comfortable grip on the shell. As a result, you are going to get a redefined gaming experience with this. The design can enhance your overall performance as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Sports 3310 optical sensor that is highly accurate
  • DPI rate is adjustable, letting you finely tune the tracking mechanism
  • Features an ambidextrous design to allow you to carry out prolonged gaming session
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Buttons are highly responsive, allowing you to clutch in intense situations

4. ZOWIE EC1-B Divina Version Mouse

Are you a hardcore fan of the game Divina? Want an FPS peripheral that replicates the color theme of the game? Well, this version of EC1-B is probably what you were looking for all this time.

Unlike some of the other mice that zowie is offering, this one comes in two color options. One is pink, and the other one is blue. Along with that, there are four size options as well. You can choose the small, medium, large, or extra-large by factoring in your hand’s size.

Apart from the options and the theme of the color coating, the mouse itself is great. It sports a well-performing and highly accurate 3360 sensor. That sensor is well-known because of how accurate it is. You will be able to track your targets with extreme precision because of how precise the sensor is.

Aside from the accuracy, the sensor is highly adjustable too. You will have the option to adjust both the DPI and the report rate. Because of being this adjustable, it will be possible for you to get the gaming experience that you are accustomed to. Also, all of the sizes are optimized for both the claw and palm grip.

Other than that, the overall design of the mouse is quite ergonomic. You can grip with extreme comfort, which will eventually assure you that you can control it properly. And the cable is quite lengthy too.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in two colors and four different sizes
  • Optimal for both claw and palm grips
  • Sports 3360 sensor to offer the highest level of accuracy
  • The report rate and the DPI is adjusting, enabling you to customize the sensor according to your gaming preference
  • Boasts an ergonomic design that enhances comfort

5. BenQ Zowie ZA12

Having to deal with drivers can be an annoying task. Well, that is why Zowie has utilized plug and play mechanism in all of their offering, which can be properly illustrated with this one.

To start with, it packs the well-performing 3310 optical sensor that is present on most of the mouses that Zowie offers. It can track movement with maximum precision. That means the chances of you missing headshots will be fairly low if you can tune your hand movements properly.

Alongside that, the sensor is highly adjustable too. You will have the freedom to play with both the DPI and the report rate. The DPI can be set from 400, 800, 1600, and finally, 3200 DPI. And for the report rate, you can tune it from 125, 500, and 1000 Hz.

Besides that, the buttons that it sports is high in quality too. They are exceptionally tactile and will offer you feedback in each of the clicks. And you will have no trouble in setting it up either. All you have to do is plug it, and you will be ready to dominate in your competitive ranked game.

Other than that, the cable that it comes with is 6.6 feet long. Because of it being that long, you will not face any limitation in your movement. Also, it comes in large, medium, and small sizes. And all of them feature a highly comfortable ambidextrous design.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts 3310 optical sensor, which is extremely precise
  • Available in three different sizes
  • The buttons are high in quality, offering feedback in each click
  • Sports an ambidextrous shape, which will make it comfortable to hold onto
  • Report rate and DPI are adjustable, allowing you to finely tune the gaming experience

6. BenQ ZOWIE S2 DIVINA Blue (Small)

If you are finding that the S2 has the right shape for your hand but are not a fan of the bland black color that it comes in, you should put this one into your consideration.

First of all, the overall specs are the same as the regular S2. It sports the same 3360 sensor that is highly responsive. And the accuracy that it can offer is quite high. Landing headshots and making precise movements will not be that much of an effortless task for you with this.

Along with that, the sensor has the same adjustability features as the S2. You will be able to tinker with the DPI and the report rate. On that note, you can adjust the DPI to 400, 800, 1600, and lastly, 3200.

And you can set the report rate to 125, 500, and 1000 Hz. Because of these adjustability features, you will be able to set the tracking mechanism according to your preference.

Other than that, it boasts a symmetrical design that will enable you to use it in both claw and palm grip styles. The design is reasonably comfortable too. You will be able to land headshots for hours with this. And the size that it is available in is small.

Besides that, the color option that it is available in is Divine Blue, which goes along with the Divine game pretty well. Also, you will not have to install any sort of driver to set this one up.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in a vibrant blue color, which makes it look elegant
  • Sports a symmetrical design, making it ideal for both claw and palm grip styles
  • Packs a highly accurate sensor, which makes it exceptionally precise
  • The report rate and the DPI is adjustable
  • Does not require any drivers

Zowie Mouse’s Comparison Table



Size Options

Left or Right Hand



Large and Medium

Right Hand Only



Small and Medium




Large, Medium, and Extra Large




Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

Right Hand Only



Small, Medium, and Large




Small Only


How to Choose Right ZOWIE Mouse

Choose Right

Regardless of how well-performing each of the mice is from Zowie, if you are really on the lookout for the best Zowie mouse, you will have to keep some factors in your mind.

By keeping them in mind, the chances of you getting the right one that will go well with your gaming and playing style will be exceptionally high. That being said, the factors that we are referring to are as follows:



It goes without saying that the first thing you need to factor in when you are buying a mouse is the size. Not all of the gamers have the same hand size. Some have small, while some have medium and large hands.

And if your hands are small and if you get one of the large or medium-sized ones, you will not have a comfortable gaming experience.

For that reason, you should only opt for the one that matches your hand’s size to get the ideal gaming experience.



The manufacturer Zowie is well-known for the sensors that they pack the mouse with. However, some sensors are better than the other ones. For example, 3360 is better than 3310 in terms of responsiveness.

Nevertheless, both of them are accurate. However, if you really want a precise aim and want the mouse to track your movements precisely, you should want to go for the ones with the 3360 sensor.

Knowing About the Grip Style

Before we talk about the design, we would like to make sure that you know what type of grip style that you implement. If you usually lay your hand flat on the surface or most of the palm area touches the upper shell, your gripping style is the palm grip.

On the other hand, if you do not put all of your palm surfaces on the upper and utilize a clawing style, then the gripping style that you utilize is the claw grip. These styles are generally natural. It starts from the first time you held a mouse.


One of the primary differences between each of the models that the manufacturer has to offer is the design. While some will feature a symmetrical design, many will emphasize the angles.

Nevertheless, the design is something that is going to depend on your playing style and your gripping style entirely.

While some of the designs are comfortable for the palm grippers, some will be comfortable for the claw grippers. However, you will be able to implement both of the gripping styles for all of the mice they offer.

But if you want to get a redefined gaming experience, you need to consider what type of gripping style you are going to utilize and choose the one that goes well with that style.

Cable Length

Cable Length

Another thing that you should consider before purchasing one of these is the cable length. Even though the manufacturer is generous about this, some of the models will have a relatively shorter cable.

With those, you will have trouble moving your mouse because the cable drag is going to be too much. And if the cable drag is too much, a precise aim is something that you will not have a grasp of.

For that reason, we would recommend opting for the ones that have at least 6.6 feet cable length. With those, you will have the full freedom of moving your mouse, and the amount of cable drag will be reasonably low.

As a result, your aim is going to be pretty precise, and it would be effortless for you to land headshots.



The factory settings that these are going to ship with might not match your playing style. You might be pretty accustomed to low DPI and high report rate.

On the other hand, you might be used to high DPI and low report rate. For that reason, it is quite important for these to have an adjustability option.

Through the adjustability option, you can set the DPI and the report rate according to your preference. As a result, you will be able to tune the sensor to match your playing style.

The Buttons

The Buttons

Aside from the sensor, the buttons are one of the crucial hardware for these. The clickier the buttons are, the better the feedback that you are going to get. And with better feedback, the chances of misclicks will be pretty low.

You will be able to land precise shots on the targets, which will enable you to clutch intense situations effortlessly.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Last but not least, you need to consider if you have to go through any hassle for setting the mouse up or not. Most of these will not require any sort of driver, which means you will not have to go through the hassle of installing anything on your PC to get these to work.

Eventually, you will have to install an app to get access to the customizability options. However, some might require you to install the bundled software first. You will want to stay clear from them if you want a hassle-free first use experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ambidextrous really mean in terms of a mouse?

Most of these are going to feature an ambidextrous design. And the ones that do feature such a design will be ideal for both the left and right-handed players. As a result, you will have a bit of flexibility if you get one of these.

Which gripping style is the best?

The palm gripping style is known to offer you the most support. On the other hand, the claw gripping style will offer you speed. However, one of them is not really better than the other one because the gripping styles come naturally to you.

In which option should I set the report rate to?

Ideally, most of the FPS gamers set the report rate to 1000 Hz. It makes sure that there is no input lag, which will make the aim more responsive and allow you to land headshots pretty easily.

Is a gaming mouse really necessary?

Not at all. Most professional gamers you are familiar with have started their gaming career using a generic mouse. However, these do offer a bit of edge, which is necessary for the competitive gaming scene.

Can I change the cable of a Zowie mouse?

Yes, it is possible to replace the cable of a Zowie mouse. You would need a compatible replacement wire. And after disassembling the unit, you can replace the faulty wire.

Final Words

The best zowie mouse can offer you a competitive edge on most of the games. And that edge is quite necessary if you really want to compete with other competitive players. And we hope that we were able to properly make you familiar with the well-performing offerings that Zowie has in their lineup.

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