Best Wireless Printers for iPad

Best Wireless Printers for iPad 2021: Top 10 Picks Reviewed!

Gone are the days of printers tethered with devices. With ever-evolving advancements in printing technology, you can now print wirelessly from your mobile devices. But often, that needs installing of certain software to properly pair the printer and your device.

With a modern feature called AirPrint, you don’t need to install anything and can directly print from your Apple devices, especially iPad. But which is the best wireless printer for iPad?

Let’s break things down into the smallest, take a sneak peek at some of the top printers around, and find out how you should pick one.

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HP OfficeJet All-in-One Wireless Printer

5 out of 5

Canon PIXMA Wireless All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer

5 out of 5

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

4.5 out of 5

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

4 out of 5

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

4.5 out of 5

Benefits of Using Wireless Printer for iPad

What are the points of buying wireless printers for the Apple iPad? What can you achieve with these AirPrint printers? Is buying a printer for an iPad worth it? The answer follows – Mobility

During the old days, printers used to be attached to devices and should be kept in a distinct place because shifting devices now and then is a hectic job.

You were required to go to the printer to perform your job. But with these wireless printers, you can print whatever you want from the place you are on.

You just need to make sure that both the printer and the iPad are on the same wi-fi network, and then you can remotely print in a variety of formats using the printer. They add to mobility and make our life even more dynamic.


Wireless printers are no more limited to their traditional printing jobs. Instead, you can use them to print labels, tickets, etc., by paring with compatible devices. So, they reduce the need for separate printers.


Wired printers can be attached to one or two devices at maximum at the same time. So, if more than two people need to use the printer simultaneously, trouble is created. But with wireless printers, you can connect multiple devices simultaneously as no wired connection is required.

As a result, these printers make the best option as a home printer or small office printer where everyone can pull the benefit off the printer from their devices.


It is clearly seen from the previous points that you can run a small office with just an AirPrint printer. It cuts a lot of cost of buying new printers and accessories which is a great plus of using these printers.

Our Top 10 Best Wireless Printer for iPad in 2021

These wireless printers have been hand-vetted by our expert team due to their alluring features and unmatched quality. We suggest you take a look at these products before you set for one. Here is a brief review of these products.

1. HP OfficeJet WiFi Printer for iPad

HP OfficeJet 3830 is AirPrint enabled, so you know it will be a great match with your iPad or other Apple devices.

From the very territory of your palm, you can send printing commands to the printer without even getting close to the printer.

But features don’t end here. It is just the beginning. This printer comes ready out of the box that means you can start using the printer right away.

Even if you don’t have Apple devices, you can install the HP Smart app to control the printer from any of your smartphones.

Printing is now more mobile with this printer as you can directly print from cloud services like iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

Additionally, you can scan documents with your phone and send them back to the cloud if required. That’s a great benefit from a printer of this price.

This multifunctional printer can do everything like printing, scanning, copying, etc. You can even send faxes from the printer.

Though the printer doesn’t support double-sided printing, you can use the 35-sheet auto document feeder to effortlessly print, copy, or scan your documents.

Print speed is comparatively lower in this model, with 8.5 pages per minute in black and 6 pages per minute in color.

But the 2.2-inch touchscreen adds to the functionality of the printer and lets you explore the features from a suitable ground. Give the best wi-fi printer for iPad a try.

Highlighted Features:

  • AirPrint comes built-in with this printer, allowing you to remotely print from your iPad or other Apple devices.
  • Connects with your devices effortlessly and doesn’t need any additional setup.
  • Whether the document is on your iPad or iPhone, or cloud, touch and print functionality saves a lot of time and hassle.
  • Compact and modern-looking.

2. Canon PIXMA Wireless Color Inkjet Printer for iPad Air

This printer might be familiar to you as it is commonly seen in homes or small offices. Due to its compact size and unmatched performance at this price, this has become one of the most popular wireless printers for the Apple iPad.

What do you get when you buy it? The first thing you will expect in such a printer is the AirPrint option, as you will print wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad.

For this, Canon MG3620 has an AirPrint option built-in, so you can print from any of your Apple devices without hustling to connect with the printer.

The fun part is, this printer can also be connected to a lot of other devices like Android or Windows, from where you can effortlessly print documents using cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, or others.

This is a handy feature that every modern wireless printer should have. And this printer passes the test.

You might also hear about auto duplex printing. This way, the printer can print on both sides of the paper simultaneously, saving you a lot of time. Print speed varies between 9.9 pages per minute for black and 5.7 pages per minute for color, a standard number for a printer of this kind.

If you pair this printer with Canon’s original ink, you are guaranteed to have crystal clear output and sharp details. This all-in-one printer will serve all your purposes without needing you to be closer to it.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can scan, copy, or print with this multifunctional printer.
  • The initial setup is relatively easy and doesn’t need any special guidance.
  • Compatible with all Apple devices through the AirPrint option.
  • Cloud print is enabled on this printer.
  • Can print both sides on the paper at the same time with auto duplex printing.

3. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer for iPhone & iPad

This type of heavier printer is more commonly used at small or large offices where multiple users can access the printer wirelessly to have their documents printed.

No matter what you throw at the printer, it can handle 32 pages per minute, greater than the industry standard.

In addition to the 250-sheet automatic tray, this printer also has a manual feed slot if you have paper other than usual sizes. Often, we need to print various sizes of documents, and the printer accepts all of those papers.

Though you can connect the printer with PCs via a USB interface, it is not the only way to connect to the printer.

A handful of other options are also available, like AirPrint. So, you can wirelessly connect your Apple devices with the printer and print your documents through remote access.

Auto duplex printing feature has now become a must for this type of printer. So, you will have that inside the printer.

But let us tell you about one of the smartest features of this printer. This is called Amazon dash replenishment, where your printer can detect itself whether the toner level is low.

If it is so, your printer automatically places an Amazon order for Brother genuine ink, which you get from the comfort of your home or office.

Let this smart printer handle all your printing jobs without worrying about the connections and running out of ink.

Highlighted Features:

  • Remotely connects with all compatible also Apple devices, So This printer an excellent choice for iPhone or iPad.
  • Can handle a variety of hectic printing jobs with different sized paper and gives output at a speed of 32 pages per minute.
  • Amazon dash replenishment feature enables the printer to detect low ink levels and automatically order for a refill.

4. HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 iPad Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 All-in-One Wireless Printer

This printer is the latest addition to HP’s flagship 9000 series and widely popular for its high performance and subtle features.

With a 37% smaller size than the previous version, this printer can print at a speed of 22 pages per minute.

You get double-sided scan features along with double-sided copy, which allows you to organize your documents a lot faster.

You can scan and send the scanned documents directly to cloud storage like iCloud or Google Drive to keep your documents safe and accessible from anywhere.

Another exciting feature of this printer is the built-in security system where no one can steal your data even if you are far from the printer. You can encrypt your data with passwords, and all your documents will be safe inside.

You will experience self-healing wi-fi in this printer which continuously monitors the status of the wi-fi you are connected to and ensures the connections stay smooth through 3 stages of reconnection.

This comes in handy when you are on a large printing job and need your printer to perform at a stretch.

With other usual features like AirPrint, this wireless printer for Apple products can easily be connected with your Apple devices from a distance.

When connectivity is your priority for your Apple devices, you can never go wrong with such a printer that focuses primarily on connectivity and performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • AirPrint enabled, so you can connect with all Apple devices at ease.
  • Compact size of the printer allows it to fit in narrow spaces.
  • Printing speed is up to the industry standard at 22 pages per minute.
  • Output quality is good enough to blow your mind.
  • Possesses many modern features, including auto duplex print and scan, self-healing wi-fi, security encryption, etc.

5. Brother Compact Wireless Printers for Apple iPad

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Another printer on our list of wireless printers for Apple iPad from Brother has become a reliable and famous name in the printing industry. Brother is competing with giants like HP, Canon, etc., to establish their name in the market.

As a result, we get some awesome printers from Brother. This monochrome laser printer from Brother is one of them.

With all the technological and engineering advancements, we can quickly scan and copy our documents with the flatbed scan glass.

The print speed of this printer is mesmerizing at 36 pages per minute. As the printer is monochrome, you can’t, unfortunately, print color documents with this. But the sharpness of the black text or output is beyond expectation.

A 250-sheet paper tray is added to the printer, which can handle both letter and legal papers, but you can also feed other sized papers easily into the printer to print differently sized documents.

One fantastic feature is the color touchscreen of this printer, from where you can control the functionalities.

If you are connecting your Apple iPad or iPhone or other smartphones and devices, you can directly print any document from the cloud. You can also upload your scanned documents directly to the cloud right from the printer.

With NFC, Morpia, and other similar technologies, this printer is a must-try if you search for the best wireless printer for iPad and iPhone.

Highlighted Features:

  • Looks and is actually sleek to fit tight spaces on your desk.
  • Handles monochrome printing very well and super fast.
  • Provides sharp text and crisp images at a rate of 36 pages per minute.
  • Printing and scanning can both be connected with cloud services.

6. HP OfficeJet 5255 Bluetooth Printer for iPad

HP OfficeJet 5255 Wireless All-in-One Printer

Are you wondering about the reason for the abundance of HP printers on our list? This is because they make some serious printers that take care of all our printing jobs.

These printers are not only technologically advanced, but they also keep track of our most minor details.

5255 is a mid-range product of HP’s lineup but is packed with features. Its narrow and modern design will draw your attention at first sight.

The monochrome touchscreen is at the front of the printer for easy access and better visibility to the commands.

Wireless or AirPrint enabled printers are too mainstream now. This printer additionally has a feature called Bluetooth Smart to make the printer more versatile.

It can be connected to plenty of devices and operating systems. Plus, the dual-band wi-fi in this printer helps you have a stable connection with your devices all the way around.

You can print whatever you want and from wherever you want. Starting from PDFs and designs, you can print anything from endless devices like iPhone or iPad or Windows or Macs.

You can even send and receive fax with this printer. The multifunctionality of this printer reduces the need to buy any extra printer.

If you are running a home office or small startup where the print amount is from small to medium, you can undoubtedly use this excellent printer. It might arguably be the best Bluetooth printer for the iPad.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bluetooth Smart enabled, along with dual-band wi-fi to boost network connectivity.
  • Cloud services can be accessed from the printer for either printing from or scanning to those services.
  • Prints crystal clear output whether it is text or image.
  • The 35-sheet auto document feeder is there for fast and efficient copying and scanning.

7. Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Printer for iPad

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Supertank Printer

Epson is the name of excellence in the world of printer manufacturers. Though they shine in manufacturing other sophisticated devices like cameras, printers are one of their signature products. And with this wireless all-in-one printer, they have taken things to the next level.

The first thing that strikes you about this printer is the elegant and straightforward design of the printer. The front deck of the printer is slightly tilted for easy access.

You can control all the functionalities with the buttons on the deck. There is also a small screen where you can see the functions, but we would like it to be bigger.

This printer is cartridge-free and uses ink bottles instead. You can save up to 90% of your cost with these ink bottles that can be replaced from time to time.

You can also check the ink level from the outside, which helps you replace or refill them before the inks run out.

All these come with a printer that supports a variety of operating systems. Windows and Mac are the most widely used systems, but our priority is the compatibility with other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, etc.

You can connect those devices easily with the printer and pass printing commands with your voice.

These features make this the best wireless printer for iPad Air, iPhone, and other devices and let you play around while having fun with the printing job.

Highlighted Features:

  • Using ink bottles instead of cartridges saves a lot of bucks.
  • It supports a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, so you know everything is going to pair with it.
  • Wi-fi direct enabled.
  • Print quality is high when genuine Epson ink is used.

8. Brother Wireless Inkjet Printer for iPad and iPhone

Brother Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer

Don’t judge us for partiality because we had no other way around other than including this wireless inkjet printer from Brother here.

If you ask why this is here? The first line of the answer will be its variety of connectivity options that include wireless, ethernet, or USB.

You can connect this printer with almost any device out there. But as your priority is to print from your iPad, let us assure you that this printer is AirPrint supported. As a result, you can easily print from your mobile devices like iPad or iPhone.

Besides local storage, this printer can also access cloud services like iCloud or others and print documents directly from the cloud.

It can also go backward, scanning documents and uploading them to the cloud without needing extra USB devices.

For your convenience, this printer also supports NFC or Near Field Communication, where you can directly connect your mobile devices without attaching the device to any network.

Why are we talking so much about connectivity? We assume you are okay with other standard features in a printer and emphasize connectivity as an Apple user.

As this is an inkjet printer, the print quality might not be as great as other laser printers you have seen earlier.

But we can assure you that the output of this printer will be sharper than most other inkjet printers on the market you are going to see. Try it out and find it by yourself.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multifunctional printer that can handle a variety of jobs.
  • Wireless printing is possible through several ways, including AirPrint, NFC, Morpia, wi-fi Direct, etc.
  • All black design enhances the beauty of the printer.
  • Very compact and houses all the necessary functions inside.
  • Auto duplex printing enabled.

9. HP DeskJet 2655 Small Wireless Printer for iPad

HP DeskJet 2655 All-in-One Compact Printer

Let’s introduce you to one of HP’s most beautiful printers that have won the heart of thousands of people with its sleek design and Apple-like aesthetics.

It resembles the curves of Apple devices and is fully compatible with any Apple device like iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, or Mac. How does this printer perform? It can print, copy, and scan, that too from your mobile devices.

Print anything from your iPad or iPhone within a few touches with the AirPrint option enabled in this printer. You can also print from any other smartphone, including Android and Windows.But the connectivity doesn’t end here. You can even control the printer through HP smart app from your mobile and access cloud services.

Then you can print documents from the cloud and save scanned documents to the cloud simultaneously. This is a very convenient feature, especially for the students who need to do many back and forth.

The paper tray in front of the printer can be closed when it isn’t in use. In that case, the printer takes the minimal space on your desk.

And you never run out of ink if you enroll in the Instant Ink service. In that case, inks get delivered to your home before they run out. That too is free for the first two months. What else can you expect?

This small wireless printer for iPad might be the best wi-fi printer for iPad if you are looking for a high-performance printer embellished with aesthetics.

Highlighted Features:

  • Takes so little space on the desk, very compact and lightweight.
  • Does printing, scanning, and copying reduce your need for extra devices for each job.
  • It connects with your devices wirelessly and prints through the AirPrint option.
  • Print quality is moderately high with all other standard features.

10. Brother HL-L3290CDW Compact Digital Color Printer

Brother HL-L3290CDW Compact Digital Color Printer

This behemoth is the last item on our list of wireless printers. We encourage you to buy this printer only if you are running an office where you will throw a good load of printing jobs to the printer, and it can well handle the job at a speed of 25 pages per minute.

Besides printing, you can also scan and copy with this printer. While scanning or copying, you can even reduce or enlarge the size of the document.

The maximum reducing capability is 25 percent, and the maximum enlargement capability is 400 percent.

It offers loads of connectivity options, including AirPrint, wi-fi Direct, Morpia, etc. So you can easily connect any of your mobile devices to the printer and run the printing job remotely.

The hassle of refilling the paper tray is also lessened through its 250-sheet tray, which is for standard-sized papers.

But if you want to print something different, you can do that too with the manual feed slot. You also get an LCD on the printer, but the display isn’t that big.

You can just somehow see and access the features of the printer and manipulate them with the buttons on the printer.

Though there are some flaws here and there, the print quality will always be out of criticism. With high-quality original toner, the printer can give vivid and long-lasting prints that you will remember.

It can also print on both sides of the paper at the same time. Overall, a worthy printer for your budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tons of features in a large printer to handle all the printing, scanning, and copying job of an office.
  • Though it takes a bit more space, the speed and quality of the output make up for that.
  • Compatible with AirPrint, Morpia, and several other connectivity options.

Wireless Printers for iPad Buying Guide

In modern days, printers come with various features and characteristics to match the requirements of different people.

So, the printer you will buy needs to have some distinctive features that match either all or most of your requirements. But you might not have that much time to research for buying just a printer.

The good news is, we have done the extensive research needed to choose a good printer that serves your purposes and presented you with some of the best wireless printers for iPad.

If you want to do it on your own, make sure you are emphasizing the following factors.



The first thing you will want in a printer that will be used with an iPad is AirPrint. This patented technology allows you to seamlessly connect your Apple devices, mostly iPhone or iPad, to the printers and print documents directly from your phone.

Among several other connectivity options, AirPrint is the easiest and most effective for use with Apple devices. So, keep your eyes open for this feature in any printer you will probably buy for iPad.

Often people mistake wireless printers for AirPrint printers. So, double-check and confirm that your target printer has AirPrint.



Besides AirPrint, an excellent wireless printer should have versatile connectivity to pair with devices of other operating systems like Android or Windows.

As a result, the printer will be compatible with almost all devices used in a home or office. This reduces the need for extra printers for different devices.

So, be sure to check the printer you are buying has lots of connectivity options like wireless, ethernet, wi-fi Direct, Morpia, NFC, etc.

Cloud Print

Cloud Print

As the world is moving online, it is an old idea to save everything on your phone either for printing or after scanning.

You need to choose a wireless printer with cloud compatibility to directly print from cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

In some modern printers, you can also save the scanned documents directly to the cloud, saving a lot of storage on your mobile devices. Find a printer that does both to save you from numerous hustles.

Duplex Printing and Scanning

Duplex Printing and Scanning

Duplex printing and scanning are modern features that might not be present in low-budget printers.

But this feature helps you print on both sides of the paper simultaneously, saving you time and cartridge. Similarly, the duplex scanning feature helps scan both sides of any document, which also saves time.

You should look for those features in a wireless printer even if it adds some more to the budget. It is an investment that will return a lot in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions.

In this section, we focus on clarifying answers to some frequently asked questions about wireless printers for iPad. Go through the questions and answer. Who knows, you might find something useful and worth knowing!

What is the best wireless printer for an iPad?

There is no such printer that is solely best for iPad. But you will find plenty of them that works really well with Apple products like iPhone or iPad.

We have mentioned some of the best printers above. All of these printers are compatible with iPad.

Where can I buy Apple printers?

Sorry, Apple doesn’t make printers yet. So, you wouldn’t find any Apply printer out there. You don’t even need to. Most famous printer manufacturers make printers that support Apple devices well.

What is an AirPrint printer?

AirPrint is an Apple feature that they put inside their mobile devices like iPhone or iPad. With this feature, you can connect your Apple devices with printers that are compatible with AirPrint. This makes mobile printing a lot easier.

Are AirPrint and Wireless Printers the same?

No. Though many of us might think that AirPrint and wireless printers are the same, actually they aren’t. Wireless printers can connect to other devices wirelessly without needing an ethernet or USB connection.

But AirPrint is a distinct feature in macOS or iOS with which you can print over a wi-fi network from your Apple devices.

Is it possible to print from an iPad through a non-AirPrint printer?

Yes. iPads support different printing options. If you don’t have an AirPrint printer, you can still print documents from your iPhone or iPad over the same wireless network.

Final Words

Wireless printers have come a long way since their birth. With the time being, they have been armed with countless advanced features that have made our printing effortless.

Now we can use various devices and printing methods to pair our devices with the printers and print from anywhere we want.

All this results in an era of modern printing with some of the best wireless printers for iPad. Leave your worries to these printers and print anything according to your choice that leaves a lasting impression.

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