Best Ram for MacBook Pro

Best Ram for MacBook Pro 2022 | Top 10 Picks & Buying Guide

It’s the weekend. You open your MacBook to play video games.

Suddenly your PC crashed. You don’t know what’s wrong. You become frustrated that if the PC doesn’t work, you have to buy a new one. That will cost so much.

Stop worrying. Upgrading your old PC with a new RAM can be the excellent decision you take instead of buying a brand new MacBook. On the plus side, RAM isn’t that costly as well.

Memory storage can make your PC run quicker and smoother than before. Here, we’re going to cover the reviews of the best RAM for MacBook Pro to help you come to a decision rapidly.

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Editor's Rating


Crucial RAM 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz

5 out of 5

Timetec 16GB KIT(2x8GB)

5 out of 5

Crucial 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3/DDR3L

4.5 out of 5

Patriot 1.35V 8GB DDR3 1600MHz

4 out of 5


4.5 out of 5

Best Ram for MacBook Pro Reviews

Buying a ram for your MacBook can be crucial as the ram should have suitability, a moderate price level, and unique features. Here, we will review 10 of the top memory ram for MacBook pro to make things easier for you.

1. Crucial 1600 MHz Memory for Mac

Installing the ram in your Mac system can be troublesome. However, the installation process of this model is extremely simple.

Even if you have no experience beforehand, the experts are available 24/7 to help you out. Crucial 16 GB kit includes installation manuals for more than 70 different Mac systems.

Do you need ram upgrade for MacBook pro? Your Mac will eventually start to perform faster and smoother after upgrading. You can easily multitask by opening lots of apps on your Mac simultaneously.

Thinking of buying a new mac? No worries, your old laptop can work as well as new thanks to the 2×8 GB ram and 1600 MHz. Every function of your MacBook will work conveniently after installing this model.

You won’t have to worry about buying a new one for 2-3 years. How will you know which model is suitable for your laptop? The website allows you to find the perfect ram for your system.

You may need to backup all your programs before installing. This unit works on its own. Thus, it can lose a few of your documents.

However, for the high-speed functions and longevity, this model can be suitable as a memory ram for your MacBook pro.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install for your compatibility
  • Features 1600 MHz to guarantee faster performance
  • With the 2x8GB, your MacBook can run fresh as brand new
  • Includes tested memory stick to increase function levels

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2. Timetec DDR3 1333MHz Compatible for MacBook Pro

Do you want to boost your MacBook performance? Looking for a suitable ram memory for your MacBook pro?

With its potential to balance different apps simultaneously, Timetec 16 GB kit memory provides your MacBook with enhanced efficiency and competency.

Have no worry about the voltage and temperature issues. This model offers you top-quality heat resistance with a high level of stability. Your mac systems won’t get warm due to increased usage.

This unit comes with updated performance to run your Mac swiftly without any hassle. As a matter of fact, this one helps to load the programs quickly and comfortably.

You must understand what ram your pc needs. For example, if you install an 8 GB ram card for MacBook Pro, which can’t afford more than 4 GB, the systems could crash. Hence, make sure to know which type of ram you should purchase.

This model comes with plenty of functions at a budget-friendly price. You can easily buy and install this on your MacBook pro. It’s totally worth the money.

Highlighted Features

  • Ability to balance different programs at a single time
  • Comes with voltage and temperature resistance power to help your MacBook stay cool
  • Cost-effective price compared to other ram memory kit
  • Provides faster and more efficient performance

3. Crucial PC3-8500 DDR3/DDR3L Macbook Pro Memory

If you have the old version of Mac, it probably doesn’t run fast anymore. And buying a brand new one is just too much for your wallet.

You wonder if buying a ram memory can solve your problem. To expand the lifespan of your MacBook, this one is the best ram for MacBook pro. This ram is compatible to use apple MacBook Pro without any issues.

As the old versions can’t afford more than 8 GB ram, the Crucial 8 GB kit provides incredible performance and an enhanced upgrade to your MacBook.

This model can give your MacBook pro 5 more years to run. You can open multiple programs at the speed of light. Additionally, this will improve the pace of your laptop.

If you only upgrade to the 8 GB ram, the boot time and shutdown time will not improve. Furthermore, with the addition of SDD, the timing of shutdown, boot, and other operations improves impeccably.

By upgrading, you can be ensured to have speedy and easier usage due to its high-density DDR3 and DDR4 memory stick.

Crucial offers reliability as it’s a product of Micron. They are undertaking the responsibility to give top-level quality and performance throughout the years.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 8 GB kit to upgrade the old versions of MacBook
  • Comes with SDD to improve the boot time, shutdown time, and all other applications
  • DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules ensure fast performance
  • Ensures longevity for more than 5 years

4. Patriot 1.35V SODIMM Memory

Want to use two memory slots in one device? Patriot 8 GB comes with a dual memory module function; hence you can add the stick with the existing one.

Thanks to the feature, this unit can boost up to 10+ fps. 4 GB and 8 GB modules are available to help you multitask without a sweat.

This one offers modules including high-level quality material. For increased and improved performance, this model can be your go-to product. You won’t face any hassle whatsoever to ram upgrade this one for MacBook pro.

Additionally, this one offers a 3rd generation processor and 1.35 volts. Thus, it consumes low power. Therefore, your device won’t get heated up soon and will give you extraordinary performance.

The installation process is easy due to the feature of 204-Pin Dual in-line memory and SPD. Therefore, you can install it comfortably on your own.

This one is only compatible with Mac OS 9, X, hence it may not have the capability to run in every MacBook Pro version.

The customer services are always available to those who need help regarding setting up this kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in both 4 GB and 8 GB modules to increase the memory level of your Mac
  • Features dual in-line memory and SPD to make the installation process easier
  • Comes with 1.35 Volts to provide the low consumption power
  • Offers excellent quality material kit so that it won’t damage easily

5. DUOMEIQI Pc3-10600 Macbook Pro RAM Card

You can sum up DUOMEIQI 8GB KIT in just a sentence – “A new product that has it all.”

Don’t get bundled up to see a new ram for MacBook pro. The chips of this one come from huge brands such as Samsung, Micron, Hynix, and Kingston. By seeing the manufacturers, you can simply choose to own this for your Mac.

The focal point of this one is its premium quality memory. In addition, the kits come with an advanced-level processor through severe applications and testing.

It has been found that this unit can provide a solid and unique level of performance. This one runs the data quickly to make the applications work quicker, thanks to its 1333 Mhz.

It has the feature of quick acceptance the directions and the ability to multitask. 8 GB memory is a lot; thus, your MacBook will perform swiftly with lots of tabs open.

Numerous buyers don’t want to put faith in brand new technologies as brands have marked their label in the market throughout the years.
All things aside, you can rely upon and trust this brand for its higher rapport and performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 1333 MHz to provide faster and smoother usage
  • Features premium level memory to restore numerous applications
  • Quick to accept the directions
  • Ability to cooperate with popular systems such as Intel, Mac, and AMD

6. Silicon Power Hynix IC DDR3 Compatible for Apple Laptop

Suppose you buy a new ram, but it got damaged after a few months. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any warranty for that brand as well. A total waste of money, right?

We have come up with the perfect solution. Hynix IC is supported by a warranty for a lifetime. The brand commits to provide all sorts of services and technical support in one’s life.

Now, let’s look at the features. This unit has a 1.35V rating that decreases the level of power consumption massively. Thanks to this feature, it saves 20% energy. Additionally, this doesn’t affect the performance at all.

This ram can get access to numerous versions of MacBook pro. This comes with DDR3 and DDR3L to improve and fasten the applications.

Furthermore, this unit includes unbuffered memory, which is cheap and can lead to speed up your MacBook Pro.

Even though it comes with two sticks, sometimes the alternative stick doesn’t work. Therefore, you have to work through with one stick.
If you want to upgrade your PC to 16 GB ram, you can consider this model for your MacBook Pro.

Highlighted Features

  • Supported by a lifetime warranty to provide you services and technical assistance
  • Comes with a low power consumption of 1.35V and saves 20% energy
  • Includes DDR3 and DDR3L to make you experience enhanced and speedy performance
  • Involves unbuffered memory that is budget-friendly and helps the PC to run fast

7. A-Tech DDR3 / DDR3L Laptop, Notebook & AIO Computer RAM Upgrade Kit

Do you want a compatible ram that is designed for all the devices?

A-Tech provides you a premium quality memory kit with double modules suitable for laptops, notebooks, and computers. Therefore, you can use this one on any devices you own.

This one upgrades the ram memory for MacBook pro to speed up the shutdown and loading time. It enhances the Mac system to balance huge workloads and applications. Hence, you can multitask thoroughly with this one.

The speed can go up to 1600 MHz. The double module is tested strictly to ensure the ability of longevity, and reliability.

This model gives the older version of your PC a new life. Due to its durability, you can use your existing PC for a longer period. This adds a greater value to the MacBook pro.

Often this one comes with no protective shield or coating. As a result, it can get damaged on the way to your home.

This memory ram is extremely easy to install. The price is modest as well compared to other memory kits.

Highlighted Features

  • Features compatibility to use in laptop, notebook, and computer
  • Comes with 1600 MHz to ensure speedier operation and well-functioning
  • Ability to be long lasting and reliable to use
  • Easy to install, so you can do it yourself without any help from others

8. A-Tech PC3-12800 DDR3 Apple Laptop RAM

Noticing your old MacBook pro is getting slower? Want any suggestions on what to do?

We have come up with A-tech 16 GB, including SSD, which is compatible with the older 2010-2015 iMac versions.

The peak transfer rate is 12800 MB/s. Meaning, it can transfer up to 1600 MHz for you to have a whole new level of experience while working on your MacBook.

This comes with a double module with the help of a 204- Pin SODIMM kit. The double module features two sticks of 8 GB ram.

You can make sure of the type of ram you need for your MacBook Pro by entering the version of your model. Thus, there can’t be any fault regarding the suitability of memory storage.

The 16 GB ram may not work on the older versions with an upper limit of 8 GB. You should install it properly to work. However, the installation process takes only 10 minutes. So this won’t waste your time.

You can comfortably balance numerous tabs on your Mac system after installing this Kit.

Highlighted Features

  • Features PC3-12800 that speeds up your MacBook performance
  • Includes double module of 8 GB memory and SSD
  • Ability to multitask so you can run various apps in the background
  • Suitable and fasten up the applications of your older iMac Pro including the 2010-2015 versions

9. Corsair Apple Certified Laptop Memory 16 GB

Want to edit pictures and videos on your MacBook?

We have the suitable one for you. Corsair 16 GB kit is the best memory for MacBook pro that enables you to restore memory as much as possible. You can download various editing apps and use those at a single time.

This model has 3 upgrades available in the market, such as 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB. With these upgrades, you don’t have to worry about responsive time. You can simply work, play and waste no time.

With the feature of 1.5V, it consumes low power voltage. As a result, the speed is up to 1333 MHz, giving a powerful and increased performance to your MacBook Pro.

The kits are severely tested in the durability labs to ensure the materials are hard and fixed. Your older Mac will work perfectly with one of these kits.

The boot time takes a long time for this ram. So you may have to wait to reboot the whole process.

This unit comes with a lifelong warranty to aid you in any technical support you may need while working with this ram.

Highlighted Features

  • Enables you to store as many applications as you want
  • Features 1333 MHz for a speedier and faster experience
  • Includes 1.5V for ultra-low power consumption
  • Memory kits are strictly tested to ensure tight material fitting

10. OWC PC3-8500 DDR3 for Apple Device

OWC is particularly made for Mac products. It has been designed and tested to use for Mac. Thus, this can be called the perfect ram for Apple MacBook Pro.

You can install this ram on your own using the provided installation video. The video aids you in the step-by-step process so you can comfortably manage it by yourself.

This comes with top-level quality material memory. The feature JEDEC compliant memory helps the ram to be useful for any Mac versions.

Even if your MacBook can afford only 8 GB, your PC will start to work a hundred times better than before by upgrading with this one. This one can assist the Mac system gain 16 GB of memory.

This memory comes with the feature to double the size limit of your existing memory. With the feature of 1.5V, this memory can help your MacBook perform rapidly. Additionally, your Mac will gain superior power for the speed of PC3-8500.

The only downside of OWC is, other than MacBook. This isn’t compatible with any other devices. If you’re a user of Mac, you won’t have any problem regarding this.

OWC adds the true power of your MacBook thoroughly so that your device can run at full speed efficiently.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with any Apple MacBook devices
  • Features PC3-8500 to provide quick performance
  • Can be maxed up to double the limit of your Mac to give you more storage
  • Provides step by the step installation video

Comparison Chart Of MacBook RAM

Product Name

Item Weight (ounces)

Size (GB)

Memory Speed (MHz)

Crucial RAM 16 GB kit




Timetec 16 GB kit




Patriot 1.35V 8 GB




Patriot 1.35V 8 GB








Silicon Power Hynix IC 16 GB RAM




A-Tech 16 GB DDR3/ DDR3L




A-Tech 16 GB PC3-12800




Corsair Apple Certified 16 GB








Macbook Pro Ram Buying Guide

Suppose you decided to purchase a ram for your MacBook Pro. Yet, you have to consider a few factors that must be included in your desired memory kit.

Now, we’re going to cover some of those factors you should look over before buying a new ram for MacBook pro.


The size limit on your MacBook pro is important to acknowledge before buying memory storage. Whether the PC can limit up to 8 GB or 16 GB must be known.

You can buy the double module features to install two 8 GB kits on your PC. However, you need at least 4 GB to do run the computer.

Whether you have a laptop or notebook, you have to install the ram to the devices on your own. The ram must be accessible to those devices. Or else it’ll be a waste of money.

IF you need more storage for mac, so you should take a Compatible flash drive.

Fast Performance

Nowadays, there are so many applications available on one device. You may want to use more than two of them at once. The best MacBook pro ram will have the ability to multitask at its best.

Look at the speed rate the ram has. If it has 1600 MHz, then you’re in for a treat. You can browse up to more than 10 tabs at once while being on different apps.

This is why the ram you choose to purchase should have enhanced performance ability and give a quick response to a click.
High-Temperature Resistant
If you don’t want your CPU to get heated up, make sure your ram has an air cooler feature. It must be resistant to temperature.
This will speed up the applications and also make the battery go longer.

DDR Generation

To ensure premium-level performance, you must know the DDR generation of your desired ram.

This collects all the data from your computer and stores it in the right place. Hence, you have to purchase one suitable for your MacBook.

DDR3 and DDR4 offer lower power consumption to make you save energy up to 40%. Thus, DDR is a thing to look over while purchasing a new memory kit.


You may buy a new ram to upgrade your older version of the MacBook. Nevertheless, if you see the ram is not working after a few months, it’ll be a waste of money.

Therefore, buy a ram that has the feature of longevity. The memory storage must run for a longer period without any hassle.

Durability is a must thing to consider before buying a ram for your MacBook Pro.


If the ram can’t provide the ability to be long-lasting, make sure it has a lifelong warranty available.

The lifespan warranty provides you services and technical assistance from the manufacturer whenever you need it. In addition, the customer service will help you to install the ram or repair a part that has been damaged.

Hence, you can take the guarantee portion as consideration for buying the ram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: How do I clean up excessive RAM on my Mac?

Answer: First of all, you have to stop the applications that start automatically. Afterward, you have to clean your desktop and remove any unnecessary files.

Be certain of having space that is free of data:

  • Make the tabs close off so that they won’t run in the background.
  • Close the apps entering in the windows task manager.
  • You can free up RAM on your Mac.

Q-2: How much RAM is being used on my Mac?

Answer: Open the Activity Monitor app in your MacBook firstly. Then, on the memory bar, click on the memory pressure window.

In that window, you can see how much RAM your Mac is using. It represents how efficiently your RAM is working to the needs of the Mac.

Q-3: Why my RAM usage is so high?

Answer: Often, a memory leak can cause high memory usage because of the defect in the software. If the programs run a long time, a memory leak will continuously take up space in your PC.

The usage will get higher and higher over time. Lastly, you won’t have any memory left in your system.

Q-4: How do I check my RAM speed on my MacBook Pro?

Answer: Open the Apple menu and click on the option “About this Mac.”
In the memory section, it will show you how much RAM your MacBook owns. Additionally, it will show the speed amount of the RAM causing your Mac to run faster.

Q-5: What percentage of RAM should be used?

Answer: Every app in your MacBook takes up storage and memory. So be certain of the apps that are running in the background and close off the unnecessary apps.

The percentage of usage RAM can be 40-50%. However, it shouldn’t go up to 90-100%, as this will impact the applications on your MacBook in a negative way.

Final Words

A ram is one of the most important parts of a device. It stores every memory and data of a computer. Thus, before buying a new one, you must be aware of the certain features a ram owns.

You can take help from our reviews of the top 10 best ram for MacBook pro, decide on the one you think suits your needings the most.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose which brand is suitable for your model. You should look over the size, brand, price, warranty, and performance of each memory kit beforehand.

Lastly, don’t buy a whole new MacBook if the older one stops working. Instead, upgrade the older version with the new ram and experience an impeccable performance.

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