Best Presentation Remote for Mac

Best Presentation Remote for Mac : Top 10 Picks for 2022

Presentation remote is a handy tool that allows you to navigate your presentations, whether you are a student or professional, efficiently. With these remotes, you will no more be tethered to the device and obstruction in the sight of the audience.

Often, a laser pointer comes with presentation remotes to mark the area of the presentation you are explaining. This might look simple but is very effective when you want to have the audience’s attention solely to you.

We are almost to reveal some top presentation remotes in the market and an informative buying guide about choosing the best presentation remote for Mac. Let’s get started!

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Editor's Rating


BYEASY Wireless Mac Presentation Remote For Mac

5 out of 5

Kensington Wireless Presenter

5 out of 5

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

4.5 out of 5

 DinoFire Wireless Presenter

4 out of 5

Logitech Professional Presenter R800

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended Best Presentation Remote for Mac

Products in this section are handpicked by our expert team, who have experienced every single feature of these items. Let’s share that experience with you so that you know those items better.

1. BYEASY Wireless Mac Presentation Remote For Mac

Be it your class presentation or office meeting; you can easily draw the attention of your audience to the point you want to with this wireless remote that is compatible with Mac and other systems. It lets you move around within a 100-foot radius from the device.

Talking about the design, it is made of ABS plastic but has a rubbery feel to the touch. As a result, you get a good grip on the remote even if you have a sweaty hand. The design is also ergonomic so that you can hold it for a long time in your palms. Compatible Devices Laptops, desktops, pc, computers.

It runs on battery. You get a power on/off button in this remote so that you can turn the remote off when it is not in use to save some power. It includes plenty of buttons to make your navigation through your PPT stuff effortless and attractive.

With the help of the buttons, you can on/off the light pointer, change the appearance of the presentation from full black to full screen or vice-versa, go to the next or previous page, etc. All the controls within reach of your fingers ensure you can emphasize the subject of the presentation rather than fighting to find necessary options.

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Though the device is small, you will have enough independence to interact with the audience midway through your presentation if you have the best presentation remote for Mac in your hand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Modern ergonomic design and ABS plastic built with a rubbery feel for better grip and comfort.
  • Connects wirelessly with Mac and helps navigate through the presentation.
  • Ample buttons are added for better control.
  • An intense pointer keeps the audience focused on the subject.
  • Remote functions within a 100-foot range, and the laser pointer reaches more than six hundred feet.

2. Kensington Wireless Presenter Mouse with Red Laser Pointer

This is slightly curvier than the previous one. With this type of contour in the body, you will get better control over this mac presenter remote.

The range of this wireless presenter for mac is also astonishing at about 65 feet, at least as the company claims.

But we assure you can easily use this remote from a distance of 50 foot. Using it requires no special software.

You can simply plug the USB dongle into your Mac or PC and start browsing through your presentations from a good enough distance where you don’t cover the screen.

The body of this remote is made of good quality plastic and contoured to conform with the shape of your palms.

The interface of the remote is straightforward, which contains 4 simple buttons to control everything. You’re most probably going to need two or three of them frequently.

You can store the USB receiver inside the remote so that you don’t lose it in the time of need. Four simple buttons are for moving forward and backward, switching the screen from black to full, and activating the laser pointer.

The remote and the receiver is paired so well to avoid interference during your presentation. Though you might need to use a Type-C to Type-A converter to use this remote with newer Mac versions, everything else is right in place to make it a suitable wireless presenter for Mac.

Highlighted Features:

  • A contoured plastic body gives ultimate grip and comfort.
  • Not crowded with buttons all over the remote, you get four simple buttons to control your presentation.
  • USB receiver can be stored inside the remote to avoid mishaps.
  • Allows you to use the remote from a distance of 65 feet.
  • Very durable and affordable.

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3. Logitech R400 Presenter Laser Pointer Device

R400 from Logitech is a solid presentation remote with all the functionalities you might need during a presentation. No more worries about blocking the view of the audience.

Now you can freely move far from the podium and keep people focused on your presentation with this small device.

If you closely look at the device, you will find intuitive touch buttons on the top portion of the front. There are two keys for going back and forth, one for the pointer on/off and another for screen control.

You will also see a battery level indicator at the very top of the remote. The power switch of the remote resides on the left side.

All the buttons feel smooth to touch and can easily be reached with your thumb. So, you can perfectly sync between your speech and slide. The body of the remote is contoured to be comfortable inside your palm.

The USB receiver coming with this remote can stay inside, so you don’t need to carry it separately. The 2.4 GHz receiver connects to Mac or PC without any software, and you are ready to go the moment you plug it in.

You also get a pouch to carry the remote so that it doesn’t get hit unwantedly, which extends the durability of the remote.

Considering the budget and the brand, Logitech R400 can be the best presenter remote for Mac if you accept it has all those simplistic features but nothing extraordinary.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great build from a world-known brand and is very popular among users.
  • All the touch buttons or on the top portion of the remote can easily reach them with your thumb that reduces your wrist movement.
  • Remote control distance is roughly 15 meters, so you can cover a large area.

4. DinoFire Mac Powerpoint Remote

The manufacturers of DinoFire have gone a long way to making this remote the perfect companion during your presentations.

It has pretty much everything that a presentation clicker needs to have. Let us go down the lane and show you what it carries.

The first thing you will notice about the remote is its unibody design that increases durability. On the top of the remote, you will find four buttons.

The topmost button is a multifunction button that can perform different tasks depending on how you use it. You can select hyperlinks or switch windows with this button.

Page up and down buttons help you navigate through your presentations. Two bumps have been given on these buttons so that you don’t even need to look at the remote while you are concentrating on your presentations.

The next button is for turning the laser pointer on or off. The battery indicator on the top alerts you if the battery level is low.

The power on/off switch is placed on the left side, and you can easily toggle that switch with your thumb.

The volume rocker is on the right side of the remote from where you can control the volume of the media. So, you don’t need to go close to your laptop or MacBook during the presentation.

The built-in clip helps you keep the remote in your pocket safely. There is also a small pocket in the remote to put the receiver inside, which safeguards the receiver while not in use.

So you can clearly see that every possible aspect of a good presentation remote is present in this slim device.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unibody design makes the remote sturdier.
  • Dedicated and multifunction keys help you have full control of your presentation.
  • A clip is fitted on the remote for easy carriage.
  • Can be operated from about hundred foot away.

5. Logitech R800 Professional Mac Presenter Clicker

This is almost identical to the previously mentioned R400 in terms of shape but has some extra features.

It has a timer on the LCD, which helps you be aware of where you need to pause or go forward by vibrating in your hand.

It has similar buttons to the R400, but the LCD is different from that model. You might already know the functions of these buttons to control the laser pointer, go forward or backward through your slide and start your presentation.

There is also a screen blackout button which you can use to draw the attention of the audience towards you.

As you already know about the body of R400, we aren’t emphasizing that for R800. All the buttons of R800 are also contoured so that they feel comfortable to touch.

Buttons are slightly beveled so that your fingertips can rest on them, and you find the necessary button when you need them the most.

The range of this wireless presenter remote is about 100 foot so you can wander as much as you want.

Even from that distance, you can mark your critical points during the presentation with the green laser. It is compelling and can be seen across the room in any given situation.

You also get a reception level indication in the remote to know you aren’t going too far from the receiver. The receiver is a plug-and-play device, and you can put it inside the dock after use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ergonomic shape gives better comfort.
  • Contoured buttons are easy to find and touch.
  • Timer with LCD along with vibration helps be aware of time.
  • Wireless range is about 100 foot so you can be more mobile than ever.

6. Red Star Tec Wireless Apple Presentation Clicker

Red Star Tec presentation remote resembles the shape of R400 from Logitech. The buttons on this remote are also quite similar. Even the dock for the USB receiver is in the same place as the mentioned remote.

But still, this remote has some distinct characteristics to be in your hand during any presentation.

Surfing through slides is very easy with the forward and backward buttons on the top section of the remote. They are easy to reach and very responsive, so you can easily change slides.

The laser pointer is arguably the center of attention for the audience. If you can’t point out key information of your slides with the laser pointer, it is tough to hold the attention. You get a powerful laser pointer in this remote that can be operated from about 50 feet.

This plug-and-play device is compatible with Mac, but if you want to connect it to MacBook like a projector, you will need a Type-C to Type-A cable as the model of this remote is quite old now. But still, it connects to your PC or laptop instantly.

You get this remote at a reasonable price that can be a considerable factor. It can also be that extra remote in your bag that can be used to lose the primary remote. The overall quality and features of this remote are satisfactory.

Highlighted Features:

  • A slim and contoured plastic body gives a smooth feel in hand.
  • Battery backup will be quite good if you don’t use the laser pointer all the time.
  • Remote can be operated from about 50 feet far.
  • All the required buttons are there to handle all of your presentations.
  • Instantly connects with PC or Mac via USB.

7. Satechi Bluetooth Macbook Presentation Remote

This Bluetooth remote isn’t for presentations, but you can control multimedia playback with this small and modern-looking gadget.

It has ample buttons to control all multimedia playback functions for any of your Bluetooth-supported devices like Mac, MacBook, iOS, Android, etc.

It connects with your devices via Bluetooth 3.0, so you no longer need to get in touch with your phone or PC.

The remote is so small that you can tuck it in your pocket and control media playback from about 33 feet away. On the rounded square panel, you get five buttons to control multimedia.

With these buttons, you can play or pause the music, go forward or backward, raise or lower volume, and even take photos from your mobile devices.

Other buttons include a mute function and even a keypad. Slide the upper portion of the remote upwards, and a small Numpad will appear from where you can type numbers on your mobile.

This batter powered tool is very handy when you are away from your phone or PC and want to control media.

You can also activate Siri on your iPhone through the home button of this remote. Long pressing the home button activates Siri even without touching your iPhone.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t support presentation functions. We wish it supported presentation features.

Then it could be considered the best Bluetooth presentation remote for Mac. You can easily understand how efficient all other features are here.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great media control device for all your media playback.
  • Houses ample buttons to control media without any intervention to the phone or PC.
  • Remote can be used from a distance of about 33 feet.
  • Connects to all Bluetooth-supported devices, including Mac, MacBook, iOS, Android, etc.

8. DinoFire Presentation Clicker Laser Pointer

You might have already seen another model of DinoFire. If so, you can see the difference between these two models.

This is a highly sleek presentation remote that has a bar-like shape. On the top section of the remote, you will see an indicator for the pointer.

Then there will be 3 large rubberized buttons that control most of your presentation. You can flip pages, move back and forth between full screen or full black, etc., with these buttons. Another button is there for turning on/off the laser pointer.

The laser here is so bright that even if you point from the maximum wireless distance 100 feet, you can point your targets easily.

The laser will be visible in any given condition, like in daylight or bright surroundings. It is better not to use the pointer on the LED.

You don’t need a single software to use the remote. Just plug the USB receiver into your Mac or PC and enjoy walking around the podium or hall.

The remote is also compatible with other operating systems like Linux or Android. You can control functions in many software using this remote.

As the buttons are on the upper half of the remote and not rounded at the edges, you might feel uncomfortable while using buttons. But the rubberized surface of buttons feels nice to the touch.

A button for switching the device on or off is there, but a volume rocker should be given to control volume. Otherwise, everything is fine with this smart remote.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wireless range is wide enough to cover a large hall.
  • Sleek build with quality materials ensures durability.
  • Needs no tuning and can be used right out of the box.
  • USB receiver can be placed inside the remote for easy access.

9. ESYWEN RF Wireless Slide Clicker for Mac

ESYWEN presentation remote is very similar to those of Logitech in terms of shape and button placement. You get exactly similar buttons in this remote for laser pointer control, page control, screen control, etc.

Everything of these can be manipulated right from your fingertips without even moving your wrist or looking down at the keys.

These keys are also slightly beveled for easy reach, and you can rest your fingertip on the bevel. Just a gentle press on the buttons, and you get the function you want working. The wireless range for this remote is almost 40 feet high enough for a moderate classroom or conference room.

But if you are giving your presentation in any bigger room than that, you might need to look for another remote that can be operated further.

There is a battery level indicator, so you know how much charge remains in the remote, and don’t get embarrassed in the middle of your presentation.

The red laser pointer is powerful enough to highlight key points of the presentation and holds the attention of your audience right in place until you are done.

A great design with a simple and functional interface makes this the best presentation clicker for Mac.

Not only for Mac, to be exact, as you can connect it to other operating systems too, making it a universal presentation remote. Give it a try and take control of the presentation in your hand.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contoured design is simple but effective with a series of well-placed keys.
  • Wireless range isn’t that much but is enough for covering a large room.
  • Feels soft to touch and never gives that cheap plasticky feel.
  • Supports Mac and other operating systems.

10. KUIYN Presentation Clicker Remote

This is probably the most ergonomic and comfortable wireless presentation remote. This might also have the longest range among the products we have already discussed.

You can use this remote from a maximum distance of about 328 feet which is more than enough.

We don’t throw presentations in a room that is more than 300 feet long so often. If you plan to do the presentation in any open space, the powerful red laser pointer will help point your targets even in broad daylight.

The unibody design of this remote is slightly contoured to perfectly fit in your palms. Buttons are placed in a way that you can access them without any discomfort.

There is a laser indicator at the top of the remote. Other buttons include page up and down button, full screen or black screen button, laser pointer button, etc.

Buttons are rubberized on the top to feel smooth to the touch. The body of the remote is also coated with rubberized plastic so that it gives better grip and comfort.

You don’t need to install anything to use the remote. The frequency of the remote helps it to connect to various devices without any delay.

It is compatible with several operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. You can also customize the features for different presentation and documentation software.

The USB receiver can also be placed inside the battery dock. No matter you see this remote from what point of view, it is one of the best remotes you will find in the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • Slim but contoured design to conform to the shape of the palm and be comfortable.
  • The rubberized plastic surface gives a better grip, and rubberized buttons are soft to touch.
  • Remoted functions from about 328 feet away.
  • Supports Mac and other operating systems.

Compression Chart of Mac Presentation Clicker

Product Name

Wireless Range (feet)


Weight (g)

BEBONCOOL RF 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter Remote




Kensington Wireless Presenter




Logitech Wireless Presenter R400




DinoFire Wireless Presenter




Logitech Professional Presenter R800




Red Star Tec Wireless Powerpoint and Keynote Presentation Remote




Satechi Bluetooth Multi-Media Remote Control




DinoFire Presentation Clicker Laser Pointer




ESYWEN RF Wireless Presenter Remote




KUIYN Presentation Clicker Remote Laser Pointer




Things to Consider Before Buying Presentation Remote for Mac

Have you ever thought about how some people end up buying some of the best presentation remotes and how some other people end up buying trashes? What are the factors that you nee

d to look at while choosing a good presentation remote?

As you already have some of the best presentation remotes for Mac, we assume you have an idea of what to look for.

Then again, we will emphasize some key factors that you should closely monitor while buying a presentation remote for Mac. Here you go.



As the primary preference is to buy a remote that is compatible with Mac, this feature can never be neglected.

Remotes can also be compatible with other operating systems, but Mac compatibility is a must if you are buying the remote for Mac.

Remember, you might need to use a USB Type-C to Type-A adapter in some cases, as the latest MacBook comes with only a USB Type-C port. In other cases, you can directly plug the USB receiver into your device.

Wireless Range

The range is another key factor while choosing a remote. A presentation remote allows you to be mobile while you are talking information or stories and interacting with your audience at the same time.

If you can’t reach your farthest audience, there is no point in being mobile. Most presentation remotes work from around 50 feet which is good enough for a classroom or conference room. But if you are in a big auditorium, the range might fall short. So, the safest way is to select a remote that works from a distance of at least 100 feet.


You don’t have the chance to look at the remote quite often. You should always be focusing on the content of your presentation and your audience.

So, if you frequently look at the remote for pressing buttons, it will distract the audience and bore them.

Look for a remote that has the buttons comfortably placed. Buttons that we can reach with our fingertips are the most convenient in real-life use.

Remotes need to have up down or next previous buttons along with laser pointer button, on/off button, and volume rocker.

Bright Pointer

If the laser pointer isn’t bright enough, you might face difficulties while delivering your speech in broad daylight. Whenever you speak, make sure your remote has a bright laser pointer to point on the target.

This draws the attention of your audience to the right place and helps you achieve your target.

Battery Backup

You are in the middle of the presentation, and the battery of your remote is gone. Just imagine how miserable that moment could be. You would definitely not want that.

So, choose a remote that has a good battery backup. Also, having a battery level indicator is a must to know when the battery is gonna die. You can then change the batteries accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know you have a lot of questions about presentation remotes. Answering all of them might not be possible, but we can help you by answering some frequently asked questions to get a clear idea of those.

Would you please take a moment to look at them?

1. What is a presentation remote?

Presentation remote is called differently by different people. But the task of such a remote is to help you navigate through your presentations without being close to the device.

These remotes wirelessly control the functions. They also mostly have a laser pointer which helps you point out key information on your slides.

2. Can I use a tv remote for the presentation?

No, sorry. You can’t use the tv remote for presentation. These remotes are made to connect wirelessly to Mac or PC and have certain buttons to use in the presentation. They also have laser pointers which tv remotes don’t have.

3. Do I need to install any software to use the presentation remote for Mac?

In most cases, you won’t need any software for using these remotes. But in some cases, you might need to install certain software so that your remote works well with your operating system.

4. What is the maximum distance of using a presentation remote?

It varies from model to model and brand to brand. Most remotes work fine from 50 feet away, where some advanced models might work from about 100 or more meters away. Choose a model according to your needs.

Final Words

Imagine a situation where you are talking about a small detail of your slide, and your audience isn’t relating themselves with that data or fact.

To save you from being frustrated and present your speech by pointing out to even the smallest detail, a presentation remote works like magic.

But why would you buy just any remote with your hard-earned money? Take a bit of time, study what you are going to buy, and think wisely.

Thoroughly check your needs and a remote that will serve your purposes. This is the only way to buy the best presentation remote for Mac to make your future presentations easier and livelier.

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