Best Photo Printer For iPhone

Best Photo Printers for iPhone 2022: Compatible With IOS Device

Wouldn’t you just love to see the photo you JUST took materialize into something tangible right in front of your eyes?
How often have we all looked at a photo we took a while back with our iPhone and wondered what a perfect fit would be for our interior decoration!

Modern printers can make this happen within seconds! They can take photos from your iPhone directly through WiFi or Bluetooth connections. Alternatively, you can transfer some photos from the smartphone to the desktop device.

However, regular printers tend to be much heavier which means you cannot print the photos until you are back at home. To make this job more easily accessible from anywhere, you would need the best photo printer for iPhone which weighs a little and can fit into a pocket!

So take a look at these printers and see which ones seem like the most suitable choices for your printing preferences.

Our Top 12 Best Photo Printer for iPhone – Reviews 2022

1. Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Photo Printer

Among the many successful product lines of globally renowned brand Fujifilm, there is the Instax series of printers and cameras. It is a handy solution to your portable photo printing needs since you can carry this device anywhere and start printing images from your iPhone anywhere.

It comes in four stylish colors of dark denim, ash white, beige gold and dusky pink. On top of that, all of them have a stripe texture on the exterior which makes them even more trendy. You will find it comfortable to hold because of this texture and the rounded edges. The compact size makes it easy to put in the back pocket.

There is a large door in its design to load the mini cartridges for printing, while the printed image will emerge from a slot close to it. After fully charging it through the micro USB port, you should be able to print up to 100 photos. Every photo takes about 12 seconds to print and then up to 90 more seconds to develop.

You can connect it to your smartphone through either WiFi or Bluetooth. At a time, up to five smartphones can stay connected to it. Pick which photos to print through their Instax Mini Link app which you can download for free.

What makes this the best photo printer for iPhone to many is its fun editing features. They include putting the images through different filters, adding frames and calculating the compatibility of two people visible in the photo! Besides, you can even print photos from videos in 800×600 dpi.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in four stylish light and dark colors
  • Prints through a free app called Instax Mini
  • Can print photos from videos in 800×600 dpi
  • Produces photos fast within 12-102 seconds
  • Can edit images and connect to Bluetooth

2. Zink Polaroid Wireless Photo Printer for iPhone

The iPhone camera printer from Polaroid aims at making the whole printing process easier and more fun while also ensuring a vibrant outcome. Since its first launch in 2015, it has been a convenient solution for those who want to see the picture instantly after clicking it on their smartphone.

You will find it in four colors – red, blue, black night and white snow. This spectrum of colors seems to cover every possible aesthetic preference that users generally have. Just like smartphones, you can hold this compact printer in your hands or put it in a pocket while traveling.

Among all its features, the biggest highlight is the printing technology it uses to guarantee a water-resistant vibrant photo after printing.

This technology is called Zink or Zero Ink which prevents the device from being totally dependent on film, ink cartridges, toner cartridges and ribbons. The resulting photos are not only bold and lifelike, but also safe from water, tear and smudges.

Each photo will be in the size of 2×3 inches and have a sticky peel-back so that you can place it anywhere you want.
Pick the photos you want to print from your iPhone by connecting them to the printer through WiFi or Bluetooth. A much better way would be to install the Polaroid Zip app since this will allow you to add more filters, borders and other editing features to your selected images.

Highlighted Features:

3. KODAK Wireless iPhone Picture Mini Printer

Kodak needs no introduction since this brand has been operating as one of the global leaders in the photography industry. Along with their cameras, films and other such tools, they also manufacture portable photo printers like this one.

The Step printer is meant to be a small handheld device you can carry anywhere and then use to instantly materialize the photos on your smartphone or tablet. These images will be printed on high-quality sticky-back papers with embedded dye crystals.

Similar to the previous printer, this one too manages to work without any ink cartridge, toner or ribbon with the help of Zink or Zero Ink technology. This feature, in addition to its economic cost, saves you a lot of money compared to other similar products.

If you love editing your photos, you will have more fun doing it through the free Kodak app since it comes with a full editing suite. This includes collages, borders, stickers, text and of course, some creative filters.

You can get it in four colors like black, white, blue and pink. It comes with a built-in Lithium-ion battery which can provide up to 25 photos if fully charged. Unfortunately, the one aspect preventing it from being the best iPhone printer is its printing speed. This device can only print up to a single page per minute.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in four colors of black, white, blue and pink
  • Zink technology saves the need for cartridges and more
  • Produces up to one black and white page per minute
  • Free Kodak app introduces editing and collaging tools
  • Built-in battery prints up to 25 photos on a full charge

4. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Image Printer

The SELPHY series of Canon comprises compact photo printers that can turn your digital selfie into a tangible photo instantly! Unlike the models we have discussed so far, this one comes in only two regular colors of black and white. It also seems to be a bit heavier and larger than the ones we have seen so far.

However, it does make good on its promise to provide high-quality and durable photos. As soon as you print them out, they dry up immediately and stay safe from water damage. The brand claims that each photo like this can last up to a hundred years!

You can choose the images to print from your smartphone or tablet after establishing a connection between that device and the mobile printer. This can be done in a number of ways including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Alternatively, you can access the photos directly from a USB or memory card.

There is a tilting LCD screen on it measuring 3.2 inches, from where you can select, edit and print the images. It accepts several paper sizes including postcards, L, card and square labels. At a time, this polaroid printer for iPhone can hold up to 18 sheets of postcard size in its output tray.

Highlighted Features:

  • Convenient design comes in black and white colors
  • Printed photos dry instantly and stay water-resistant
  • Can print from iPhone, tablet, USB or memory card
  • The tilting LCD screen of 3.2 inches makes choosing photos easy
  • Output tray can hold up to 18 sheets of postcard paper

5. HP Sprocket Portable 2×3″ Instant Photo Print

For those who value both style and substance equally, HP Sprocket printers can be a good pick. This device comes in four beautiful shades including Black Noir, Luna Pearl, Blush Pink and Lilac. So you can easily find the perfect addition to your preferred aesthetic from this range.

When it comes to functionality, the printer doesn’t disappoint either. Utilizing the Zink technology like many of its contemporaries, Sprocket manages to produce vibrant and smudge-free prints on sticky-backed photo paper. Because of its very compact body, you can keep the printer in your pocket or palm anywhere you go.

Besides, you can have fun with it even indoors! Since it connects to multiple devices simultaneously, you can use it to print different photos from your friends’ smartphones or tablets during a sleepover or house party! Use WiFi, Bluetooth or their very own Sprocket app to establish those connections.

If you do download the free mobile app, you will also be able to see all the photos queued up for printing next. Additionally, both you and your friends can share customized albums with each other through this app! During the printing sessions, you will know whose photo is currently printing from their personalized LED lights.

Because of its sleep mode, you can keep the printer on when you are not using it, without draining its battery. This way, you can start printing anytime without waiting for the device to get ready.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in four colors like pink, white, black and lilac
  • Allows to see the queued photos through Sprocket app
  • Connects to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Personalized LED light to identify the current device
  • Stays connected when inactive without draining battery

6. Kodak Mini 2 HD Lightweight Instant Pic Print

This iPhone mini photo printer of Kodak can give life to the most memorable moments captured on your smart mobile devices. Along with the iPhone and other iOS devices, you can also connect it to Android devices of your friends and family members to print their photos as well.

It is currently available in four lucrative colors including yellow, blue, pink and white. Despite their vibrant hues, all of these shades manage to maintain the elegance of this mini printer quite successfully. Because of its lightweight and compact structure, you can carry this device anywhere – in pockets or your hands.

The images printed by this device come out as bright as their original counterpart inside your iPhone because of the 4PASS D2T2 or Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer method. This method ensures that the printed photo dries up immediately. Kodak also claims that this technology can make the brightness last for up to a decade!

To start printing, you will need to connect Kodak Mini 2 to your iPhone through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the Kodak app. This free mobile app will also introduce you to different filters, stickers, cropping and other editing features. You can use it to print up to 20 photos after fully charging the Lithium-ion battery.

Such conveniences, along with its low price point, make the best iPhone photo printer for many.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in four vibrant colors – yellow, blue, pink and white
  • 4PASS D2T2 method creates durable vibrant photos
  • Prints photos in 2.1 x 3.4 inches for both Android and iOS
  • Can be connected via Kodak app, WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Produces up to 20 prints on a fully charged Li-ion battery

7. HP Sprocket Compact Quick Picture Printer

HP Sprocket enters our list again with another conveniently portable printer for photos from iPhone.

This slim device named Select is capable of printing photos that are 30% larger than its predecessors – the original HP Sprocket printer. While the 2nd edition can print photos of 2×3 inches, Select can print up to 2.3×3.4 inches.

Along with the thin and compact structure, it also comes with two stylish motifs on its exterior you can choose from – Eclipse and Blue Mist. They will make good choices for those of you who prefer a sophisticated take on their tech accessories.

Although most other photo printers can connect to your iPhone through Wi-Fi, this one can only connect via Bluetooth or the HP Sprocket app. However, the features in the app make up for that lacking by enabling you to play with augmented reality content, view hidden videos and more!

You can take a look at the printing queue on the app as well – both from your phone and other connected devices. If you love to draw, you can turn your doodles into customized stickers through the app by just clicking a photo of it with the iPhone. Besides, it has other exclusive frames, filters and more to edit images.

Moreover, with each of these printers, you will get 10 sheets of HP Zink paper with a sticky back. It also ensures that the printed photos and stickers are safe from smudges.

Highlighted Features:

  • Slim and compact printer available in two stylish designs
  • Capable of printing 30% larger photos than original model
  • Enables user to print customized stickers through the app
  • The app also introduces augmented reality content to print
  • Comes with 10 sheets of HP Zink sticky-backed paper

8. KODAK Smile Digital Bluetooth Printer for iPhone & Android

If you are running on a tight budget, the Smile instant photo printer for iPhone from Kodak can be one of the possible solutions for your projects. It comes at a reasonable price point compared to other similar mobile printers while not compromising with the quality or design.

You will see it in five distinct color combinations including white-yellow, navy-blue, green-cyan, black-white and maroon-pink. The first one seems to be the most stylish and vibrant one among all these options.

Because of its trendy pop-open design, it can transform from a regular flat pocket device to a wedge. This is when you get to see the output slot where the freshly printed photo appears.

Being equipped with the Zero Ink technology, it doesn’t require any cumbersome cartridges, ink or toner. As a result, you can help the environment by reducing waste while having fun with your photos! Besides, the printed photos themselves can also be safe from water damage, tears and smudges.

Like other Kodak photo printers, this one too can be connected to your mobile device through a mobile app. You will get access to a full editing studio through the Kodak Smile app. It includes regular editing features like filters, lighting adjustments, rotation, cropping, frames, stickers, text and more.

Additionally, the app introduces augmented reality features which can turn your digital photos into animated videos on the iPhone!

If you don’t want to download the app or if you are facing internet issues, you can still connect your device to the printer via Bluetooth.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in five distinct color combinations
  • Pop-open design reveals output photo slot
  • Connects to phone through Bluetooth and app
  • Smile app brings in editing options including AR
  • Rechargeable printer with Zero Ink technology

9. Lifeprint 2×3 Convenient Photo and Video Print

This portable Lifeprint device has proved itself to be a strong competitor in the race to be the best iPhone picture printer right now.

It has combined the power of multiple mobile photo printing technologies to provide a satisfying and fruitful experience without crossing the budget limits of working-class people. This is one of the most affordable printers in today’s market which makes the device a great choice for beginners or casual hobbyists.

First of all, each unit comes with some sheets of ZINK paper with sticky backs. So you can start printing on a sheet right away and see how conveniently your digital image turns into a durable tangible sticker!

You can enhance the digital photos even more by downloading the free mobile app of Lifeprint. It comes with an editing suite including the usuals like filters, stickers, text and more.

Additionally, the app also equips your images with augmented reality to turn them into animations or videos! Lifeprint calls this feature Hyperphotos. This app works like a social networking platform – you can have followers, follow others and share your content with other members of this community.

This picture printer for iPhone available in five vibrant colors of red, purple, blue, black and white – which pretty much covers all the aesthetic choices people can have.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in five colors like red, purple, blue, black and white
  • Augmented reality Hyperphotos turn your photos into videos
  • Comes with an editing suite including filters, stickers and more
  • Very affordable and comes with sticky-backed ZINK paper
  • Small size that fits into your pocket comfortably

10. Kodak Dock Plus 4×6” Bluetooth Photo Printer

The Dock Plus is a very compact photo printer for iPad and iPhone provided by Kodak. It measures only 5.28×7.40×3.27 inches which means this device is smaller than others in terms of length and width.

Despite its small size, the printer can actually produce larger photos than most. Its photos are 4×6 inches instead of the usual 2×3 inches. So if you have been wanting to experiment with larger prints of images with a bit higher resolution, this printer will make that possible for you.

Besides, the quality of each print is also quite commendable since it is equipped with the 4Pass technology. This makes sure that the photos are printed in layers of ribbon with a laminating process. As a result, the prints are safe from fingerprints, water damage and more ensuring long-lasting high-end quality.

Additionally, the photos dry instantly after output and the color does not fade away easily. You can get each print within just 50 seconds or less!

If you are not satisfied with the editing options on your iPhone, you can access the editing features on the free Kodak app by downloading it. They include filters, stickers, templates, adding or removing borders, and more!

This also gives you an easy way to connect to the printer, in addition to, pre-installed USB-C docking pin and lightning connector. However, you will need to connect it to Bluetooth regardless.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4Pass technology produces durable prints
  • Connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • Free Kodak app comes with editing features
  • USB-C and lightning connector for easy access
  • Prints larger photos in the size of 4×6 inches

11. Canon IVY Mini Photo Printer for IPhone

Canon brings in IVY Mobile Mini- a printer to print photos from iPhone – in three soothing colors of mint green, rose gold and slate gray. These subtle hues pose a pleasant contrast to the usual vibrant or monochromatic colors you see on such handheld devices.

Since it comes equipped with Zink or Zero Ink printing method, you don’t have to waste any ink while seeing the digital images come to life before your eyes. The printer does not need the usual ink cartridges and can materialize the image in a single pass.

Because of the Zink technology, this printer also comes with 10 sheets of sticky-backed thermal paper. Having several carefully laid down layers, this paper reincarnates the original digital photo with equal or even higher vibrancy.

Additionally, the combination of Canon printers and Zink pages can make the photos last much longer. So you can use the freshly printed stickers to decorate other devices or your interior without worrying about them fading away too soon.

You will need to connect your iPhone to the printer through Bluetooth and the Canon Mini app. Make sure your iOS version is 9.0 or later for the free app to work perfectly. It will let you access several editing features like filters, collages, augmented reality and more.

Each Canon IVY mini printer is capable of producing up to 12 pages per minute where each photo can be as large as 2×3 inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in three soothing colors
  • Connects to phone via Bluetooth and app
  • Zink paper ensures durable peel-back prints
  • Editing suite includes filters, collage and AR
  • Prints up to 2×3-inch photos at up to 12 ppm

Comparison Chart Of iPhone Photo Printer


Max Print Size (inches)


Max Prints on full charge


Min iOS

Fujifilm Instax


WiFi, Bluetooth




Polaroid Zip


WiFi, Bluetooth




Kodak Step






Canon Selphy


WiFi, AirPrint, Bluetooth, USB, memory card




HP Sprocket


WiFi, Bluetooth




Kodak Mini 2


WiFi, Bluetooth




HP Sprocket Select






Kodak Smile












Kodak Dock Plus






Canon IVY






How to Choose Right Photo Printers for iPhone

Print Sizes

Print Sizes

Most mobile photo printers are designed with the limitation of photo sizes. They can hardly print the digital images in a size bigger than 4×6 inches or 5×7 inches. So going for these printers will always come with its share of size limitations.

However, if you have been thinking of using the photos on your iPhone to decorate your room or paste them on your devices, these sizes will do just fine!

The most common dimension for the maximum size a mobile photo printer can afford is 2×3 inches. With these measurements, you can produce impressive stickers to put on your laptop or handheld devices. Alternatively, you can print them in a polaroid-like manner to add a touch of memories to your interior decoration.

With slightly larger sizes like 4×6 or 5×7, you can straight up print the most memorable photos from your iPhone and put them in beautiful frames to put on the bedside table!

Printing Technology

Printing Technology

There are a number of printing technologies these compact printers have adopted to stand out in a crowded market. Two of the most popular ones among them are 4PASS and Zink.

The first one takes its name from the number of printing times a pixel needs to form the screen. The patented technology called 4PASS utilizes D2T2 or dye diffusion thermal transfer which distributes all color dyes on the target paper. This results in a laminating glossy coating on your photos making them very appealing.

On the other hand, Zink or Zero Ink technology eliminates the need to depend on ink cartridges. Instead of four passes, it only needs a single pass to do the printing job. As a result, it results in less waste than 4PASS since you don’t have to throw away the ink cartridge after it is depleted. Additionally, Zink leads to less mess too.

However, 4PASS has a higher success in terms of recreating colorful photos since it prints with 16.7 million colors and thus produces much more vibrant photos than Zink. Both of these printing technologies make durable photos that are safe from fingerprints and water damages.



The best photo printers for iPhone offer multiple ways to establish connections between these two devices. Among them, the most common ones are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Even if your device doesn’t have the latter, it should definitely have the former since Bluetooth allows you to connect them even if there is no internet.

Remember to invest in a printer that allows connection to multiple devices at the same time. This way, you and your friends can keep adding to the print queue from the individual devices without any hassle.

Printing Speed

Printing Speed

Although regular printers can print anywhere between 10 to 20 pages per minute usually, the mobile photo printers take more time to print each photo or page. That is because their design comes with some limitations to boost portability and to maintain the vibrancy of the printed images.

Keeping these constraints in mind, you can expect the printing speed of such compact devices to be 10 to 60 seconds per page or photo. However, the photo printed in 10 seconds might take longer to develop as you see in photos of polaroid cameras.

Taking an example from our list – Fujifilm Instax Mini Link can print the digital image within 12 seconds but needs 1.5 minutes more to develop it. As a result, its total time may end up being longer than other mobile printers in the same sphere.

Battery Life

Battery Life

There would be no point in carrying around a device that doesn’t work after an hour or so, right? That is why, just like other handheld smart devices, you will need to take the battery life of these printers into account as well.

In the case of mobile photo printers, this is determined by how many pages or photos you can print once their battery has been fully charged. Usually, that number falls between 20 to 40. However, there are some exceptions like Fujiprint Instax Mini Link which claims to produce up to 100 prints on a full charge!

Editing Features

Almost every mobile photo printer comes with a free app you can download from the App Store. They also provide you access to some editing features which offer regular functions like cropping, filters and collages, along with certain specialized ones like augmented reality and printing photos from videos!



Since the main attraction of these mobile photo printers is that you can use them anytime anywhere, portability is a major concern. Many of them are so small that you can just keep them in your pocket at all times, whereas some are a little too big to fit in there. You would need a bag to carry around the latter kind.

Additionally, their weight can also make them a bit hard to keep with you at all times. While most of them weigh between 300-450 grams, some are much lighter weighing only about 150 grams while others are way heavier at 850 grams. So keep an eye on the weight when you go through a photo printer’s specifications.

Top 5 Printers Brands For iPhone



From the few brands leading the mobile printer industry, Kodak stays on top by including a variety of designs in their collection focusing on different issues.

For example, Dock Plus is meant to be a solution for large prints of higher-resolution photos with 4 PASS technology. On the other hand, the Zink-based Step printer is for those with a very tight budget. Another series called Smile enables the users to print photos from videos in a convenient design.

The combination of such versatility in its extensive collection, impressive print quality and very reasonable price points – makes Kodak a favorite for many.



Similar to Kodak, Canon is mostly known for its contribution to the photography industry – from the analog age to the digital times.

This Japanese brand has been manufacturing printers for over three decades. So it comes as no surprise that it is one of the top brands for mobile printing enthusiasts. Among its various series of compact printers, there are Ivy, Selphy and Pixma.



Hewlett Packard or HP is a globally popular brand dedicated to providing a diverse range of technological products including computers and printers. Especially in the field of mobile photo printers, its lineup called Sprocket has gained a large following. These devices utilize Zink technology to produce durable vibrant prints.

If you hold aesthetics in high regard, their admirable palette can easily sweep you off your feet. For instance, the original Sprocket comes with a stylish pattern in contemporary colors, while the Select version is adorned with a marble-like design in soothing blue or sophisticated beige.

Besides, its LED lights up every time it starts printing. So you will be able to tell easily when the wireless photo printer for iPhone is in the middle of a task.

Tips To Print Awesome Photo From iPhone

Maximum Resolution

No matter what size your prints will be, it is always a good idea to take the original digital photo in the maximum resolution your iPhone can offer. If you are using a third-party photo app to take that image, go to its settings and pick the highest resolution it supports.

Some photo apps tend to automatically downsize the original image, especially after editing, to minimize the processing time. This often renders the photo ineligible for printing. That is why, pick the maximum resolution while clicking the next photo!

Right Amount Of Editing

Editing images can surely multiply its original appeal and make it “Insta-worthy”. However, when you are planning to print it, you should definitely keep an eye on the kind and extent of its editing.

A rule of thumb you can always follow is to keep the adjustment to a minimum for these photos. Otherwise, it may show on the print, making the photo noisy, blurry or pixelated. This especially applies to editing aspects like brightness and shadow.

Picking A Suitable Paper Stock

One thing you never have to worry about while taking digital photos or posting them on social media is the kind of paper! Along with picking the right mobile printer, you will also have to think about picking the right kind of paper stock while preparing to print the images.

Interpolation For Huge Photos

If you have your eyes on a much bigger printer than the ones we discussed, you can try interpolation to make those printed photos appear very high-resolution.

Start by exporting the image from Photos on your iPhone to your computer, then visit an online image enlarger tool and then specify an interpolation method for increasing its size.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Are My iPhone Pictures Blurry When Printed?

Answer: While using a mobile printer for iPhone pictures, the resulting photos printed from your iPhone may turn out to be blurry.

This happens from the size limitations of both the printer and your smartphone. Since they are very compact devices, they have no other option except to adhere to the restrictions imposed on them through their engineering.

One way to avoid blurry outcomes is to stick to the maximum resolution allowed by both the printer and your iPhone.
Another option would be to invest in a slightly larger printer, send it to the desktop and then enlarge the original photo through an expert software or editor. This should work for those who cannot compromise with the large print size.

2. How Do I Know If My Printer Is Airprint Enabled?

Answer: Anyone would surely love making the most of this convenient printing feature on the iPhone called AirPrint.
You can easily find out if your printer allows AirPrint by checking the list of AirPrint-enabled printers available on the official Apple website. They update it regularly and you can navigate it easily through the brand name.

3. What Is The Best Size To Print iPhone Photos?

Answer: For those of you who have no limitation on the print sizes, you can try the sizes much bigger than what mobile printers can accommodate.

If your iPhone has a 12MP camera, the ideal size to pick for printing would be around 14×9 inches. It would be safer to limit the print size to 16×24 inches for the optimal outcome.

4. Why Can I Not Print From My iPhone?

Answer: If you have not changed the printer or your iPhone recently, a simple solution to this situation would be to turn off the printer and then restart it. For those who are having trouble with AirPrint, you can restart the Wi-Fi router or update the firmware on both printer and router.

Final Words

At the end of the day, the best photo printer for iPhone you can find depends a lot on your own requirements. Since photo printers have been around for a long time, there are a number of technologies they can offer. So you can pick the one that seems most efficient without compromising the quality of printed photos.

Additionally, you should make sure that their size limitations include the sizes you want to print on. Having an iPhone should make the connectivity issue a lot easier as well because of its AirPrint feature. If not, you can still connect the devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi anyway.

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