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Best Projector For iPad & iPad Pro : Top 12 Picks of 2022

Projectors never really went out of style. From the days of large clunky projectors showing old-timey film reels to pocket projectors in the size of a cell phone, we’ve seen it all.

Gone are the days of using giant equipment to project imagers onto a large screen. Instead, you can use a tiny projector for presentations in the classroom or office space.

These devices are convenient and lightweight, and you won’t even need a laptop to use them! If you have been looking for the best projector for iPad and mobile devices, you’ve come to the right place.

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Editor's Rating


BIGASUO Most Functional FHD Mini Projector

5 out of 5

AuKing Mini Projector

5 out of 5

ELEPHAS Mini Projector-Most Versatile Mini Projector

4.5 out of 5

CiBest 6005L Mini Projector

4 out of 5

POYANK Mini Projector

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommended 12 Best iPad Projector Reviews

1. BIGASUO HD Bluetooth Projector Built in DVD Player

Although it looks pretty simple, this projector is packed with useful features. To start with, it has a native resolution of 1280x720p and supports 1080p HD videos for crystal-clear, theater-like visuals. This is compounded by the 4000:1 contrast ratio.

But the latest update for this LED projector includes an inbuilt DVD player. This means you won’t need an additional disc player if you want to broadcast or stream a movie on a DVD using this mini projector.

At the same time, it offers good sound quality to add to the viewing experience. There is an inbuilt stereo surround speaker which provides smooth and resounding audio. Moreover, you can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker if you want the sound to be carried further.

This projector is also impressive because it is compatible with a host of devices and storage options. These include CDs, DVDs, CD-R/RW, DVD -R/+R, DVD+RW/-RW, VCD, and SVCD.

You can connect it to laptops, PCs, televisions, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Chrome Books, iPads/tablets, micro-SDs, USB flash drives, iPhones, and Android smartphones through HDMI, AV, VGA, and micro-SD card ports.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an inbuilt DVD-player
  • Can connect to Bluetooth speakers
  • Compatible with lots of devices and has a range of connectivity options
  • Advanced contrast ratio brings the colors and images to life

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2. AuKing Mini Projector for iPad

This upgraded version of previous AuKing portable projectors comes with improved features and better compatibility. Like the Vankyo Leisure, it has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and supports 1080p resolution videos.

If you want to watch movies or TV shows at home on the big screen, this projector makes all that and much more possible. It has a 32 to 170-inch projection display size and a 1-5m projection distance.

So what makes it the best mini projector for iPad? The great quality of the video/audio, as well as the seamless general experience. It has built-in speakers that broadcast the sound clearly, even in larger rooms and among crowds. It also has a powerful cooling system, which keeps the device running for longer with less noise.

Because it works great in a dark room, this projector is most suitable for watching films at home, or in classrooms. As a result, it isn’t suitable for displaying slides and presentations in an office meeting.

Furthermore, the projector has a lamp life of over 55000 hours, which means you can use the projector for around 15 years without any issues. This projector is great for playing videos, sharing images, and watching or playing video/sports games. It needs an HDMI cord to hook up to iPads, iPhones, and laptops, as the USB port is meant for flash drives.

Highlighted Features

  • HDMI, VGA, USB, and AV compatible
  • Very durable and will last around 15 years, even with regular use
  • Offers 35% more brightness when compared to older models
  • Native resolution of 800×480, while supporting 1080p videos
  • Built-in dual audio speakers deliver a clear and balanced sound

3. ELEPHAS Mini Projector for iPhone

Looking for a mini projector that you can take with you on trips? This sleek device is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, removing the need for pesky cables. But in case there’s no Wi-Fi, you can always connect it to your iPad, laptop, or smartphone with a simple cable, without an adapter.

This wireless projector for iPad is versatile because it is compatible with a range of Apple/Android/Windows 10 devices. The compact size also makes it easy to pack into a bag and take with you on trips or out-of-town events.

What sets this projector apart is the sheer quality of the visuals it provides. Besides supporting 1080p videos, it features 24-bit true-color support and clear sound simulates a movie theater experience.

The projector uses sound reduction technology and diffuse reflection technology, which makes your viewing experience more comfortable. Besides watching movies at home, it is also suitable for small presentations in a classroom or office meeting. You can even use it to showcase PowerPoint slides and graphics.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with iPads, smartphones, Chromecast, Roku Stick, and many other devices
  • Offers a range of connectivity like Wi-Fi, GA, USB, HDMI, AV, and SD
  • Lamp life of about 50000 hours
  • 200-inch display for a big-screen viewing experience
  • Sturdy and durable, making it suitable for traveling and heavy-duty use

4. CiBest 200″ Outdoor Movie Projector

Many people need the best projector for iPad Mini because they want to play games on a larger screen. This CiBest projector delivers vivid and crisp visuals that make it a good choice for movies, videos, and games. It has a 80% increase in brightness in contrast to older models and brighter than other mini projectors.

It is also a popular option for family movie viewing. With a maximum display size of 200 inches and support for 1080p videos, you can transform your living room into a mini-movie theater! Its also 2 month money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

But that isn’t all. This updated projector comes with advanced cooling technology that cuts unwanted sound in half. Together with a dual system of speakers, the clear sound quality removes the need for external speakers.

The projector can be connected through multiple inputs like HDMI, SD and micro-SD, VGA, and AV. As a result, you can hook it up to your iPad, iPad mini, iPods, smartphones, gaming devices, and laptops. It is also compatible with Chromecast and TV stick, so you will always have viewing options, no matter where you are.

Highlighted Features

  • Large screen and dual speakers emphasize the clarity of sound and imaging
  • The high resolution makes it compatible with immersive gaming
  • Works with Android, Apple, and PlayStation devices
  • Keystone correction allows for rectangular image output

5. POYANK 6000Lumens Wireless Tablet Projector

With a round of fresh updates for 2022, this compact projector is sure to impress. The wireless connectivity feature means that you no longer have to worry about adapters and cords to hook the projector to different devices. All you need to do is connect your iPad or smartphone through the Wi-Fi connection settings.

However, you can also use an original USB cable if the Wi-Fi connection is shaky. If your Android phone has a Project Screen or Broadcast feature, you can use it with this device to project movies, videos, and pictures onto a big display.

The upgraded features include improving the native resolution to support a whopping 1920x1080p. At the same time, there has been a 20% increase in brightness. These little upgrades translate to better visuals and a theater-like experience when viewing pictures, graphics, videos, and feature films.

It can project onto surfaces with a 32–176-inch space. Moreover, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, although it has the clearest picture quality in dark settings. Because it is suited for videos and games, this projector is ideal for home entertainment and multimedia rooms in schools and offices.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers two aspect ratios, 16:9 and 4:3
  • Lamp life lasts for 50000 hours
  • Plays 720p videos and supports 1080p
  • 2 built-in speakers offer clear SRS Audio
  • Can be hanged under the ceiling or attached to a tripod

6. VicTsing Bluetooth iPad Projector

Annoyed by sound quality issues when watching movies with a projector? Well, the VicTsing is a Bluetooth projector for iPad, which means that you can connect your favorite Bluetooth speakers to it for a movie-theater environment and audio.

Besides this, the projector offers wireless connections to both Android and iOS devices, with just a one-time connection to set things up. The advanced sound cavity design and noise reduction technology bring you stereo sound with next-level clarity and no reverb.

Like many newer model projectors, it supports 1920×1080 resolution, so you can watch videos and play games with vivid details and clear visuals. Want to have an entertaining movie night with the kids? Play a film on your iPad and use the projector to turn your den or backyard into a tiny theater and enjoy!

This projector also uses diffused reflection imaging which decreases the strain on the eyes during long-time viewing. This prevents eye fatigue and headaches and makes it a safer option for children.

Because the projector has a mirroring feature, it is pretty versatile. It also means that you can use it to project pictures and videos from laptops, computers, TVs, PlayStations, and DVD players.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a remote controller, AV and HDMI cable, and desktop tripod
  • Native 720p resolution delivers clear and bright imagery
  • Can be connected to Bluetooth speakers
  • Reduces visual strain and eye fatigue, especially for children

7. Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Mini projectors are small, but are you looking for something even smaller? The Anker Nebula Capsule projector is the perfect size to pair with iPads and smartphones, especially for impromptu projects in the classroom or office meetings.

Because of its size, you may assume that the image or sound quality will be poor. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The projector uses IntelliBright algorithms to portray a clear 100 ANSI-lumen image that is bright and vivid. At the same time, there is an inbuilt speaker with a 360° sound dispersal.

As the projector is the size of a soda can, the projected size is a little smaller than those of other mini projectors (100 inches). This makes it perfect for use at home, as well as smaller classroom tutorials and group brainstorming sessions at work. It is also recommended for those with smaller houses and limited storage space.

Although it is primarily meant for Android phones and tablets, the projector is also compatible with iPads, laptops, and other smartphones. You can connect your smartphone/iPad and projector using the Wi-Fi feature, which is faster and removes the need for cables and SD cards.

Highlighted Features

  • The small size makes it very travel-friendly
  • Omni-directional sound removes the need for external speakers
  • Can stream content through Airplay, Chromecast, Miracast, and Bluetooth
  • Offers rear ports for HDMI and USB devices as a backup option
  • Nebula Connect app delivers remote control capability through your smartphone

8. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

If you want a home entertainment system on a budget, this portable projector for iPad works surprisingly well. Powered by MStar Advanced Color Engine, it produces crisp and clear images through LED lighting.

This projector offers a watching size from 32inches to 176 inches with a projection distance between 4.9 feet to 16.4 feet. However, a projection distance of around 6.5 ft. is the best viewing distance for movies and videos. It also supports a 1920×1080 resolution and has a 2000:1 contrast ratio, which is ideal for at-home entertainment.

The Vankyo Leisure projector is suitable for movies, videos, games, pictures, and games. It comes with a simple cable that makes it easy to connect to phones and iPads, as well as X-Box One, Wii, and PlayStation 3 and 4. This versatility makes it the best ipad projector, as you can use it with a range of devices.

Older models of mini projectors tended to overheat quickly and produced a lot of noise. However, the Vankyo has an innovative cooling system that uses heat dispersion, decreasing the chances of overheating. There is also sound suppression, so extra noise won’t distract you as you enjoy a movie.

It is important to remember that this projector is suited for use at home and for viewing movies and games. The manufacturers do not suggest using it for PowerPoint presentations in the office, classroom or brightroom.

For know: How many lumens need in a projector for this kind of bright room.

Highlighted Features

  • 1920×1080 resolution and LED lighting makes for high-quality videos
  • Compatible with all iPads, as well as smartphones, and gaming devices
  • Lamp life of 40000 hours, and is 40% brighter than that of older projectors
  • Can be connected to external speakers for better and louder sound if needed

9. VIVIMAGE Explore 2 Wi-Fi Projector

Want a projector compatible with iPad that you can flexibly use for both movies and work projects/presentations? This multipurpose mini projector has all the functionality of a full-sized device but is designed to be convenient and portable.

It supports a 1080p resolution and comes with a 4000:1 contrast ratio for sharper images and better color. The long 40000-hour lamp life also makes the projector quite stable and sturdy. It can be used to project images up to 200 inches in size.

This multimedia projector can be used with TVs, Chromebooks, PC/laptops, tablets/iPads, USB drives, and SD cards to play videos, audio, and video games. It can also display slides, graphics, text files for meetings and presentations. You can even connect iPad Air to projector with an HDMI cable.

Moreover, it is a good choice for home entertainment and for watching movies and playing games in groups. While it offers decent sound quality, you can connect it to your home theater or surround sound system for a clearer sound.

For a more stable projection, you can set the projector on a tripod that is included. However, for a more permanent fixture, you can attach it to the wall or ceiling. Either way, the projector is light and easy to carry around.

Highlighted Features

  • Multiple ports allow for convenient connectivity no matter what
  • Noise suppression technology greatly reduces the fan’s sound
  • 80% increase in brightness compared to older models
  • Heat dissipation prevents the projector from overheating
  • Keystone correction wheel allows for easy adjusting of the projection screen

10. DBPOWER L12 Tab Compatible Projector

If you want an at-home theater experience with no compromise in image quality, this little projector is meant for you. It offers around 70% and 50% sharper images when compared to similar models of projectors. It supports 1080p videos and can display them on 32–176-inch screens.

Many people have issues with their wireless projectors losing connectivity in the middle of a video. But with the DBPower projector, the connection will be stable throughout. This is because you can also connect it through dongle and HDMI adapters and hook it up to iPads, laptops, and smartphones.

At the same time, they can be hooked up to VD players, Fire TV sticks, and Xboxes which is great for gaming and watch parties. The clear imaging makes it great for educational videos, online cooking classes, and even virtual art lessons!

The projector is quiet and stealthy without large or noisy fans. This prevents distractions and allows you to be fully immersed in your movie. It is also long-lasting and efficient, with 50000 hours of lamp life.

Highlighted Features

  • 3000 lumens display gives you strong lighting and bright images
  • Offers 3 years of technical support after purchase
  • Provides manual keystone correction of up to 15°
  • A dual-fan cooling system prevents the projector from overheating
  • Stereo speakers deliver a surround sound style experience

11. Bomaker Portable Wireless Projector

With the latest technological upgrades of 2022, this projector is a solid affordable option for use at home. Although it is small and light, it is durable and supports 1080p videos. Along with a native resolution of 720p, you will get sharp and clear images with lots of detail.

Furthermore, the 120 ANSI lumen of lamp brightness provides 50% brighter with HD color reproduction. At the same time, the seamless Wi-Fi connectivity means there are no lags or pauses when you watch movies or play video games in real-time.

Besides wireless connectivity to phones, tablets, iPads, and laptop computers, it also offers wired connections through DMI, VGA, USB, AV, SD, and Audio Out ports. You can even connect the projector to your TV and Bluetooth speakers for better sound quality.

The most eye-catching feature of this projector is its ability to project onto screens that are 200 inches in size. Also, the new LED bulbs simulate natural light and are gentler on the eyes, reducing the chance of fatigue and pain.

Highlighted Features

  • 70000-hour lamp life ensures it will last for nearly 20 years
  • The cooling system dissipates heat and helps reduce noise
  • Low Wi-Fi latency prevents lagging and slowness
  • HiFi Cavity inbuilt speaker provides crystalline sounds
  • The high picture quality offers good value for money

12. Crosstour Most Convenient Mini Movie Projector

This is yet another pocket-sized projector that fits in backpack pockets and even slender purses. But the compact size isn’t the only reason why the Crosstour P770 projector is so convenient. It also offers both wired and wireless connectivity and screen mirroring function without the need for adapters, apps, and dongles.

You just need to connect your iPad or smartphone to the projector to enjoy a big-screen viewing of movies, videos, and even video games. It allows videos to be projected onto 176-inch screens with vivid 16.7k display.

The projector is also compatible with a range of devices. Whether you want to play videos from your laptops, smartphones, iPad/tablets, PS4, Xbox, and USB flash drives. Your devices can be connected through DMI, VGA, AV, USB, TF ports. Want to watch TV? Firestick/Chromecast/Roku TV Stick enable this feature.
It has a very long shelf-life, and the cutting-edge cooling system means you can use it for up to 15 years without any problems.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact shape and size make it very portable
  • Includes a remote, HDMI cable, and power adapter
  • LED lamps last for around 30000 hours
  • Soft diffused light makes it easier on the eyes
  • Can be directly connected to smartphones through Miacast/Airplay

Projector For iPad & iPad Pro Comparison Chart



Screen Size

Lamp Life

Native Resolution

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

7.9 x 5.9 x 3.1 inches

32-176 inches

40,000 hours

800 x 480p

AuKing Mini Projector

7.7 x 6 x 2.7 inches

32-170 inches

55,000 hours

800 x 480p

ELEPHAS Mini Projector

8 x 5.5 x 2.8 inches

Up to 200 inches

50,000 hours

800 x 480p

APEMAN LC350 Mini Projector

7.7 x 6.5 x 2.3 inches


55,000 hours

800 x 480p

POYANK Mini Projector

9.61 x 9.33 x 4.49 inches

32-170 inches

50,000 hours

1280 x 720p

VicTsing Bluetooth Projector

8.66 x 6.69 x 3.54 inches

32- 170 inches

50,000 hours

800 x 480p

Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

2.68 x 2.68 x 4.72 inches

Up to 100 inches

30,000 hours

854 x 480p

BIGASUO Full HD Bluetooth Projector

12.76 x 9.96 x 5.83 inches

32- 170 inches

55,000 hours

1280 x 720p

VIVIMAGE Explore 2 Wi-Fi Mini Projector

7.9 x 6.1 x 3.3 inches

38-200 inches

40,000 hours

1280 x 720p

DBPOWER L12 Mini Projector

5.91 x 7.48 x 3.03 inches

32-176 inches

50,000 hours

800 x 480p

Bomaker Portable Wireless Mini Projector

8.6 x 6.6 x 3.5 inches

200 inches

70,000 hours

1280 x 720p

Crosstour Mini Portable Wi-Fi Movie Projector

7.72 x 6.5 x 3.11 inches

30-176 inches

30,000 hours

800 x 480p

How To Choose Right Projectors For iPad

Screen Size

The best projectors for iPad and other mobile devices should be able to display images and videos in the size needed. Most mini projectors can portray movies on surfaces in a range from 32 to 176 inches. This is enough to suit most needs, especially for smaller meetings and parties, like the VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector.

However, if you need something even bigger, getting something like the ELEPHAS Mini Projector or VIVIMAGE Explore 2 Wi-Fi Mini Projector which can project pictures and movies to 200-inch surfaces.


Most mini projectors have some kind of wired connectivity option, through USB, AV, and SD ports. Others, like the Anker Nebula Capsule Projector, offer just Wi-Fi connectivity to your devices.

The ideal option would be to get a projector that offers both wireless and wired connections such as the Bomaker Portable Wireless Mini Projector and POYANK Mini Projector.

Lamp Life

Your projector’s lamp life will determine how long it will work. The longer the lamp life, the longer you can use the projector. Most projectors have a lamp life of 50000 or 55000 hours (ELEPHAS Mini Projector or AuKing Mini Projector).

On the other hand, if you want something with an even longer lamp life, the Bomaker Portable Wireless Mini Projector has a lamp life of 70000 hours.

Native Resolution

Native resolution is the resolution of a projector’s imaging system measured in pixel dimensions. This should not be confused with the maximum supported resolution, which usually often higher.

For the optimum results, choose a projector with a native resolution of at least 720p, like the POYANK Mini Projector and the VicTsing Bluetooth Mini Projector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Connect An iPad To A Projector?

Yes, you can connect an iPad to a projector by using the wireless feature, or a range of ports and cords like HDMI, AV, and USB. These features also make it possible to connect the projector to smartphones, gaming devices, TVs, and laptops.

How Does The Mirror Feature Project Images From iPad?

Screen mirroring allows you to project a mirror image of whatever is on your iPad or smartphone onto a screen by using a projector. This removes the need for wires and cables, and is a much more convenient option for most people.

What Is The Best Projector For Watching Movies On iPad?

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector and ELEPHAS Mini Projector are among the ideal options for watching movies through your iPad. This is because they are easy to connect to any device and provide clear images, strong colors and sharp detail.

Which Projector Can Be Used With iPads For Office Meetings?

The ELEPHAS Mini Projector can be used for both presentations at work, and for watching films and videos at home. The image quality makes them suitable for displaying graphics and slides, as well as videos and pictures. This also makes it a good choice for use in classrooms.


A mini projector can transform a plain living room or den into a tiny movie theater. So we need to know Steps For Setting Up Projector in Living Room. The best projector for iPad is a much cheaper alternative to a pricey home entertainment system.

So, if you want to enhance movie night into something truly special, investing in a mini projector is the right way to go. Whether you want a projector for iPads to entertain kids, adults, or for use in small meetings, you can never go wrong with a portable projector.

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