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10 Best 4K Webcam For Mac in 2022: Ultra-HD Webcam For MacOS

Home offices are becoming increasingly popular. During the hundreds of Zoom calls we all have to sit nowadays, we all probably realize the value of a good webcam. Sometimes, it’s the only viable medium for us to meet our colleagues, friends and family members living far away.

That is why it’s extremely important to find a webcam that can showcase all the details of the surroundings, and also keep our faces in focus throughout the online video chat. Having to work from home, a good webcam also makes a great first impression on new potential clients for the business.

For all of these reasons, a good webcam has become an unavoidable necessity. And why would you settle for anything less than 4K resolution since it is becoming the new standard?

For this very reason, we are here to find the best 4k webcam for Mac so that you can upgrade your daily communication online.

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Editor's Rating


NexiGo USB FHD Web Computer Camera

5 out of 5

Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam

5 out of 5

Angetube Streaming 1080P HD Webcam

4.5 out of 5

NexiGo N980P HD USB Computer Camera

4 out of 5

XPCAM 8MP 4K Webcam

4.5 out of 5

Benefits Of Using 4K Webcam For Mac

Detailed Images

The devil is in the details – that is the main charm of any 4K device. It is capable of presenting even the smallest details in full HD. This is a huge advantage for content creators who love capturing beautiful moments and want to share them with their audience.

By setting up a 4K webcam on your Mac device or smartphone, you can capture mesmerizing videos and then pause them to pick the most astonishing shots. It can be how paint splashes in the air, or how a bird flutters away from its home.

You can also show the video in slow-motion to let the audience savor every moment of it! Because it is 4K, any of the details will not be blurred. Besides, the footage can be stabilized in post-processing even if you struggled with keeping the camera steady.

The same feature can improve your regular workplace meetings. A 4K webcam can fully eliminate the grainy texture on your screen and reduce the number of glitches during video calls. As an additional perk, you can finally show off your book collection to coworkers since they can now read every title there!

Depth Perception

Depth perception of 4K cameras is much higher than that of 1080p or regular ones. They can tell the difference between farther and closer objects more accurately. As a result, it becomes easier for your webcam to put you in focus during a Zoom call, no matter how frequently you move.

Vibrant Color

Another common reason people choose 4K over other resolutions is its ability to highlight the colors in a much more attractive way.

It makes each color pop in such a way that your entire frame will turn bright and vibrant, even if the actual lighting around you is not flattering. So you will be able to present yourself more pleasantly in each office meeting.

On-Trend With Technology

The standard video resolution has rapidly changed within the last decade. It went from 720p, to 1080p, to the current new trend of 4K. Even though 1080p was considered to be “advanced” a few years ago, it quickly turned into the norm.

The same is happening with 4K or 2160p now. Even if it seems like a luxury to many now, it is quickly becoming the standard resolution that should be available to everyone. So it would be a good idea to stay one step ahead of others and adopt the 4K trend before it becomes the new norm.

Our Top 10 Best 4K Webcam For Mac Reviews

1. NexiGo USB FHD Web Computer Camera

For those of you who believe 4K webcams must cost a hefty amount, NexGo brings you the brand new webcam that comes at an incredibly low price point! Even though it is easily affordable to all levels of users, this webcam does not compromise with quality – be it visuals or audio.

You will be able to create extremely sharp and clear images and videos with its 4K resolution. As a result, such content can be shared on a professional level with both your clients and your social media followers! Especially during live streaming, it can make your job easy with its frame rate of 30 fps.

In the case of photos, it makes a great choice for indoor usage since its 3.6mm glass lens has been optimized for taking crystal clear images at fixed distances. Usually this distance can be set anywhere between 19.6 and 156 inches.

Take advantage of such high-definition photos and videos while taking your next call on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Don’t worry about the webcam recording you when not in such a call or while offline. To protect your privacy, it can stay covered when you are not using the camera.

If surrounding noises have been bothering your online video calls, live streams or professional meetings, you can take this webcam’s help to put a stop to that. It has been designed with a built-in noise-canceling dual digital stereo microphone which reduces those ambient sounds and raises the audio quality of your videos.

It comes with the NexiGo Webcam software which enables you to customize all the features available in settings including regular editing aspects like contrast, exposure time, saturation and white balance.

However, using this software is not mandatory. You can just connect the webcam to your laptop with a USB.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enjoy sharp and clear videos at 4K and 30 fps
  • All settings of the software can be customized
  • Optimized 3.6mm glass lens for ideal indoor use
  • Stays covered when not in use to ensure privacy
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone improves audio

2. Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam for Mac

Anyone who has searched for webcams online even once, knows a thing or two about Logitech. It is one of the most widely known webcam brands around the world. This specific model of BRIO Ultra is particularly popular since it comes with many convenient features along with the 4K resolution.

If you have been dealing with constant trouble regarding the lighting during a video call, BRIO Ultra can show you a path out of it. This premium webcam comes equipped with the RightLight™ 3 technology which automatically adjusts lighting and glare.

RightLight™ 3, along with the High Dynamic Range or HDR technology, will take care of all the relevant aspects including brightness, high contrast, direct sunlight or low light. In the end, each meeting you conduct over Zoom or Skype will seem much more professional without any manual adjustment!

Stream clear videos anytime with this webcam which offers a variety of options in terms of resolution, frame rate and color. Along with 4K at 30 fps, it also works with 1080p at 30 or 60 fps, as well as 720p at 30, 60 or the ultra-smooth 90 fps! Additionally, you can choose autofocus or go for 5x zoom in your videos!

For further versatility, it lets you choose between three FOV presets so that you can pick the one most suited for framing yourself and your surroundings. The first one is 65° diagonal which should frame your head and shoulders properly. For showing more of the room, you can select 90° or 78° diagonal FOV.

Of all these handy features, it comes as no surprise that it is considered to be the best webcam for Mac by many.

Highlighted Features:

  • RightLight™ 3 technology adjusts lighting and glare automatically
  • Supports 720p to 4K resolution at 30 to 90 fps for maximum clarity
  • High dynamic range (HDR) to ensure optimum brightness for photos
  • Offers three FOV presets to let you choose the ideal framing
  • Allows 5x zoom and detachable mounting clip for convenience

3. Angetube Streaming 1080P HD Webcam for iMac

Angetube brings you a webcam that is meant to be fit for all kinds of video activities. You can use it to hold live streams on YouTube, conduct an office meeting on Zoom or complete a gaming session on Twitch! That is why it can be a good choice for those of you who prefer a one-size-fits-all approach to videos.

For starters, it comes with a built-in ring-light whose brightness can be adjusted according to your surroundings and requirements. It has three levels of brightness where a new ring lights up with each higher tier. As a result, you don’t have to worry about poor or blinding lighting conditions anymore.

Because of its autofocus function, you don’t have to worry about staying steady throughout your video call. The webcam will automatically find you in front of the camera and adjust its focus accordingly. Lastly, the H.264 compression encoding ensures clear and smooth visuals even on low bandwidth.

Once you have picked the perfect visual settings for your meeting or live stream, it is time to adjust the audio features too. Thankfully, this webcam is equipped with dual noise-canceling microphones.

Their superior design and the presence of an amplifier chip improve the audio a great deal. Besides, it can pick up sound within a distance of three meters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in adjustable ring light and advanced autofocus
  • Dual noise-canceling microphones for crystal clear audio
  • Three brightness levels to suit different setups and activities
  • Ideal for all kinds of events – meeting, gaming and streaming
  • H.264 compression encoding ensures clear and smooth visual

4. NexiGo N980P HD USB Apple Computer Camera

The N980P model of NexiGo webcams has been designed to bring more life to your online meetings. Its camera can accommodate a wide-angle F2.1 precision lens of 120 degrees. As a result, it can capture a larger portion of your thoughtfully decorated room or surroundings in every meeting if you want!

At the same time, its 4K or FHD resolution doesn’t let the images get blurry. Additionally, its CMOS has a 2 MP image sensor which makes each frame come out very sharp. Even if the lighting in your area is dim, its lens can automatically enhance the brightness and make the colors pop.

The frame rate of 60 fps can keep up with your spontaneous movements without any manual calibration. So, you can continue the conversation online without having to adjust your camera over and over again. This perk also applies to video recordings during travel, walking or any other motion.

To match the clear visuals, the webcam also takes care of your audio issues by incorporating built-in dual stereo noise-reduction microphones. They pick up sounds from any direction while also removing unnecessary noises.

You don’t have to install brand new software to start working with it. All it requires is a standard UVC driver and Mac OS of 10.6 or higher version.

Highlighted Features:

  • Smooth video of 1080p resolution up to 60 fps even in motion
  • Built-in dual omnidirectional noise reduction microphones
  • The wide-angle lens of 120 degrees for online meetings
  • Automatic color adjustment for bright and clear visuals
  • Only needs standard UVC video drivers to work

5. XPCAM 8MP 4K Webcam

If you are already a professional content creator or a remote worker who has to join online meetings frequently, this webcam can be a good choice. It is as easy to set up on a tripod, as it is on your Macbook!

The webcam has been designed with a rotatable clip that enables you to fix it anywhere and at any angle you want. Using this universal clip, you can adjust its position at different angles on a range of different devices and for a variety of video calls.

In addition to having a flexible solution to angles, XPCAM also ensures providing razor-sharp visuals with its 8-megapixel camera and 4K resolution. To improve the audio clarity, it comes with a built-in dual noise reduction microphone. Along with making the audio clearer, it can also pick up sounds even from a 12 ft distance!

For professional streamers, it brings in technologies like H.264 compression and facial enhancement which optimize the video quality. You can freeze your screen for a while if you need to take care of a minor issue off-camera and then restore the screen later with its pause/play button.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8MP webcam provides razor-sharp 4K videos
  • Built-in dual microphone reduces surrounding noises
  • Capable of picking up sounds even at 12 feet of distance
  • H.264 compression for automatic video optimization
  • Can be used on a tripod with the rotatable clip

6. NexiGo N680 Business Streaming USB Web Camera

The N680 model from NexiGo makes another good choice for regular streamers and professionals who need to work remotely. Like all other reliable 4K webcams, this one too assures each user of crystal clear images and videos.

This one, in particular, provides a frame rate of 30 fps which is ideal for video conferencing. 30 fps is the maximum frame rate supported by two of the most popular video conferencing platforms – Zoom and Skype. As a result, this is the most fitting frame rate you can expect for daily video calls and meetings.

Additionally, if you prefer keeping your hands in motion during a conversation, this webcam can keep adjusting the focus on you with its advanced autofocus feature. So you don’t have to worry about other participants or team members seeing you blurry every few seconds.

Besides, this webcam will take the responsibility of adjusting the color and brightness automatically with its built-in tools. Using its 90° field of view, you can fit a lot more of your well-decorated interior within the frame. So the upcoming Zoom calls should be a lot more fun!

All of these convenient features make it the best 4K webcam for Mac to many professionals, since they hardly have to manually adjust them according to the different setups. The audio would be better as well because of the dual stereo microphones designed to cancel surrounding noises.

Highlighted Features:

  • 30 fps and advanced autofocus ensures clarity of videos
  • Built-in tools adjust brightness and color automatically
  • 90° field of view allows more space within the frame
  • Dual stereo microphones designed to cancel noises
  • Cover on the camera lens for privacy protection

7. Looca Webcam 4K HD Macbook Camera

Looca brings a webcam for those aspiring content creators who don’t yet know how to begin their journey in the digital world of creativity. It comes with a tripod which should come in handy if you want to use the webcam without a computer.

You will be able to set it up anywhere according to your content requirements.
Its 4K camera of 8 megapixels should be a major help in upgrading your video quality – both for creative projects and professional conferences. If you need to, you can just freeze the screen during an active video call and then go right back to it afterward with just a push on the play/pause button.

This webcam has been equipped with technologies like high-tech video compression and facial enhancement. They help to automatically optimize the visual quality, especially during live streams. During a video call, you can make your audio clearer with the built-in dual noise reduction microphone.

Adjust the webcam to any angle using its rotatable clip and enjoy the freedom to show as much as you want within the frame. It also has a lens cover that you can just put in place to protect your privacy.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8MP UHD camera with facial enhancement technology
  • Freeze the screen during calls with play and pause button
  • Built-in dual noise reduction microphone for clearer audio
  • Rotatable clip makes it capable of adjusting to multiple angles
  • Privacy cover and tripod included for safe and convenient setup

8. ADWAITA 4K Webcam with Microphone

Another option aspiring content creators can consider is this 4K webcam by ADWAITA. It has an 8MP camera that utilizes a CMOS image sensor of 3.2 inches to produce a crystal clear image. However, its frame rate for 4K resolution is quite lower than other competitors.

It can provide such ultra HD clarity at only 15 fps, while its 1080p resolution can run at 30 fps. So you will have to pick between smoothness and clarity while working with this webcam. 4K will cost you smooth movements while 1080p will be less clear.

The field of view allowed here is also quite restricted. It only allows an angle of 75 degrees, as opposed to 90-120 degrees FOV offered by other similar webcams. However, it does suffice the daily meetings you have on Zoom or Skype. You can show just enough of your surroundings for it to be a pleasant online conversation.

During the video conference, you can freeze the screen anytime to take care of things off-camera for a while. There is also a privacy cover provided to envelop the lens when needed. You can use the mini tripod included in this package for setting up the webcam without your Mac.

With this very affordable webcam, you can also enjoy better audio with a stereo microphone with high sensitivity. It has been designed with technology to reduce surrounding noise and cancel echo for more effective communication.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8MP USB camera with 3.2-inch CMOS image sensor
  • Provides 4K resolution at 15 fps and 1080p at 30 fps
  • 75 degrees angle of view and screen freeze function
  • Mic has noise reduction and echo canceling technology
  • Privacy cover and mini tripod included in its package

9. Razer Kiyo 1080p 30 FPS/720P 60 FPS Streaming Webcams for Macbook

Razer Kiyo was designed keeping professional streamers and gamers in mind. This webcam comes equipped with all the necessities you would need to start your channel on Twitch, YouTube or similar streaming platforms.

It also supports showcasing your talent on other popular platforms like Xsplit and open broadcaster software. That is why, it has been claimed to be the gaming camera for streamers.

You can play your favorite games while sharing your skills with the world using its razor-sharp 4K resolution. It can deliver up to 30 fps at 1080p and 60 fps at 720p. So you can pick the settings most suited to your choice of games. It also maintains sharp footage utilizing its fast and accurate autofocus.

Since you will be busy killing the enemy during these sessions, Razer Kiyo will take up the responsibility of maintaining uniform lighting which flatters your appearance even more. The adjustable levels on its multi-step ring light can be modified as necessary and they can remove harsh shadows around you.

You will find it easy to pack in while leaving for a tour or gaming convention. This small webcam can provide powerful features to broadcast your content from anywhere. For all these conveniences, it was listed as the number one webcam of 2020 by Tom’s Hardware.

Highlighted Features:

  • Provides 1080p at 30 fps and 720p at 60 fps
  • Fast autofocus maintains a sharp footage
  • Multi-step ring light maintains even lighting
  • Enables streaming on platforms like Xsplit
  • Easy to take with you for a tour or convention

10. NexiGo N660P Pro HD USB Web Camera for Macbook Pro

NexiGo N660P Pro comes in for the last 4K webcam we have picked, but it is definitely not the least qualified one. It can provide high-definition videos at 60 fps which guarantees clear visuals with smooth motion. This can significantly upgrade your video qualities for both streaming platforms and office meetings.

If you struggle with optimizing the settings to get the perfect image, you can rely on this webcam to choose the most flattering options. It is designed with automatic exposure control and white balance which rectify the lighting issues in your surroundings.

In addition to visual issues, it also comes equipped with built-in dual stereo noise-canceling microphones to handle potential audio issues. People on the other side can finally hear you speak clearly without having to hear the static noises or irrelevant ambient noises.

Keep yourself secure at all times with its privacy cover which can be slid over the lens easily. To set it up on your Mac, use the 6.5 feet USB cord and plug it into your device. Unlike most webcams which come in only one color, this one is available in three colors of black, pink and white.

Highlighted Features:

  • Webcam with 60 fps rate available in three colors
  • Automatic exposure control and white balance
  • Built-in dual stereo noise-canceling microphones
  • Privacy cover can be attached for ensuring security
  • 6.5 ft long USB cord included for an easy setup

Comparison Chart of Best Webcam for Mac


Frame Rate

Lighting Correction

Designed For

Price Range


30 fps


Video Calls, Streaming


Logitech BRIO

30-60 fps

RightLight™ 3

Video calls, Streaming



30 fps

Multi-step ring light

Video Calls, Streaming


NexiGo N980P

60 fps


Video Calls



15-30 fps


Video Calls


NexiGo N680

30 fps


Video Calls



30 fps


Video Calls



15-30 fps


Video Calls


Razer Kiyo

30-60 fps

Multi-step ring light

Streaming, Gaming

High Price

NexiGo N660P

60 fps


Video Calls, Streaming


4K Webcam For Mac Buying Guide

To find the best 4K webcam for Mac, you will need to keep certain criteria in mind. These aspects are essential when it comes to holding a productive video conference or a successful live streaming session regularly.

Frame Rate

Surely, higher frame rates would ensure a higher quality of video calls, right? Well, some technical restrictions can make the higher rates a problem instead. That is why you need to make sure that the frame rate offered by your webcam is good enough and also supported by the software you use regularly.

For instance, Zoom and Skype can support up to 30 fps only. So if you are going to use the webcam primarily for professional video conferences, 30 fps will be your cut-off.

On the other hand, streamers and gamers need to entertain an audience that expects the highest clarity and smoothness. So they can go for higher rates like 60 fps with their 4K webcams.

Optimized Lighting

It is risky to always depend on our default lighting conditions when we have to present ourselves virtually in a professional setting. That is why your webcam should come equipped with technologies or features which help to balance out the lighting issues around you.

Most good 4K webcams are already designed to combat the poor lighting situations and present you in the most flattering way on camera. They can take care of sharp shadows, low brightness, low contrast and other common issues related to lighting.


Although the primary purpose of a webcam is to rectify the visual issues, it can help you with the audio issues as well.

Since you and other team members will be connected remotely, you all have to rely on the audio to clearly comprehend what the current speaker is saying. As a result, clear and noise-free audio is very important for such online conversations.

That is why the popular webcams come with noise-canceling microphones which are capable of filtering out unnecessary buzzes or interferences while you speak into them. So people on the opposite side will be able to understand you clearer in real-time.

Privacy Cover

Keeping your webcam uncovered during or after use can expose you to hackers and other cybercriminals. They have the technology to keep you under surveillance through your webcam and then exploit the clips later.

To prevent all that and keep yourself secure from such criminal activities, choose a webcam that comes with a privacy cover. Whenever you are not using the webcam, keep the lens covered with it. This way, the hackers will not be able to access footage of your private life and you can continue living safely.

Easy Setup

If you don’t want to deal with multiple steps of setup, pick a webcam that doesn’t require installing new software. It should be a device whose settings can be accessed easily from the apps already installed on your Mac device.

Additionally, it helps if it comes with a tripod. This way, you can set it up on your smartphone or without any device! Such flexibility should come in handy for content creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: Why Is A CMOS Sensor Important For 4K Webcams?

Answer: Most image sensors found in affordable 4K webcams are made of CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor). These chips are preferred over other varieties since they tend to work faster and are also available at a more economical price point than CCDs. As a result, they make it possible for the webcams to be well within the budget limits of users.

Q-2: What Is HDR In Webcams?

Answer: HDR is the acronym for high dynamic range. This technology, as its name suggests, increases the dynamic range of the videos or images you shoot with the respective device.

While recording such content with a webcam, the HDR will capture several frames of one scene with different exposures. As a result, the clip becomes much more visually appealing for the audience.

Q-3: Is 30 Fps Good For A Webcam?

Answer: 30 fps is the most recommended frame rate for webcams in general, since this is the limit of most software applications and devices. On the other hand, it is considered to be the minimum frame rate for most cameras. So, 30 fps seems like the safest option while purchasing a new photo device like webcams.

Q-4: What Is FOV For Webcams?

Answer: FOV or field of view defines the maximum area a camera can fit into its frame. It is obtained from the sensor size and the focal length of the lens or its distance from the focused image on the sensor. For webcams, the FOV should be at least 90 degrees and can be as high as 180 degrees.

Q-5: Can Popular Video Conferencing Apps Handle 4K Videos?

Answer: While a few popular video conferencing apps support 4K videos, others have not offered this support yet. Possibly the most frequently used conferencing software for workplace meetings – Zoom – does allow flaunting your brand new crisp 4K resolution.

Unfortunately, other similar apps like Skype, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts are still taking their time with 4K technology. Most of them can support up to 1080p so far.

Final Words

Deciding the best 4k webcam for Mac might be quite tricky since there are so many products with very similar features. In addition to the factors we discussed in previous sections, you should also take into account the nature of your webcam use.

For instance, streamers may need high-end webcams to broadcast their content in razor-sharp resolution and smooth frame rates. On the other hand, a regular webcam with decent features should be enough for conducting video calls or small workplace meetings.

So take a look at all the factors we have listed and compared in the chart and see which one really works for you.

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